Monday, April 26, 2010

A Poem

" Blue song" by Neha

A poem is writing, Coloring pictures of Bratz.

A poem is a baby, A carriage, a bassinet, a nie nie, A soother, a blanket, a name.

A poem is a big sister helping a Little sister. She changes their diapers, She can feed her baby food, she can Put on her clothes.

A poem is like a Mom who helps Out. A Mom turns off the TV when We do our homework. A Mom calls You to have a milk bath.

A poem is like a Dad. A Dad yells At us, if we’re not cleaning up. When we’re doing something, he tells Us to eat.

A poem is like an Aunt. Our Aunt comes Over when our Mom tells her to come over. An Aunt helps us clean up. An Aunt plays with us. An Aunt gives us piggy backs.

A poem is like my grandmother, A grandmother gives us money For Christmas and New Years. A Grandmother teaches us Chinese. ”Gung hey fa choy,” that Means hand over the money.

A poem is like my grandfather, He gives us food to eat when we Go over our grandfather’s house. A grandfather gives us presents.

A poem is like a family and I love my family.

by Sadie McCann, Age 5

Source: New York writer's coalition ,

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