Thursday, September 17, 2009

My here, now, forever

A scene by NJ..
( See image information below)

How many times have I taken your name
How many times have you heard my voice

How many moments have I looked in your eyes
How many moments have you met my soul

How many days have I been on the road with you
How many days have you taken me places

How many nights have I danced away with you
How many nights have you picked me from free fall

How many words can tell just how you
Have been, are and will be my here, now and forever


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The beauty of things

Image: Garden of life by Neha

Edges and the rounds,
textures and colors
Not speaking but being
such is the beauty of things

Merging with the odds
loving the evens
Root of all squares
such is the beauty of things

Packed, stacked, unpacked
used, reused, recycled
Passing diferent lands and hands
such is the beauty of things

Easy come, easy go
or seldom come but there you go
Play, pause, stop on your way
see the beauty of things


Ode to the foot soldiers..

Shoes by heather

Where will the great leaders go
without the nameless followers?

How will the battles be won
without hundreds of unsung heroes?

Who will march up for our glorious rights
without the inglorious masses?

What will the world become
without the foot soldiers ?


Sunday, September 06, 2009

Gazing at the Light

"Image: Eternal flame by Neha"

The lamps are different,
But the Light is the same.
So many garish lamps in the dying brain’s lamp-show,
Forget about them.
Concentrate on the essence, concentrate on the Light.
In lucid bliss, calmly smoking off its own holy fire,
The Light streams towards you from all things,
All people, all possible permutations of good, evil, thought, passion.
The lamps are different,
but the Light is the same.
One matter, one energy, one Light, one Light-mind,
Endlessly emanating all things.
One turning and burning diamond,
One, one, one.
Ground yourself, strip yourself down,
To blind loving silence.
Stay there, until you see
You are gazing at the Light
With its own ageless eyes.

- Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I met life..

Image: The token by Neha

Let me tell you a secret
how I met life. I met life.
sometimes on the main pavements
under neon lights,
but then in dark nooks and corners
she said this is also where I stay

Let me tell you a secret.
how I tasted life. I tasted life.
sometimes on the sumptuous plates
filled with hors d'œuvres,
but then in hungry mouths waiting for next meal
she said this is also where I stay

Let me tell you a secret.
how I touched life. I touched life.
sometimes on fine expensive silk
brushing against my skin,
but then in hands roughed by daily toll.
she said this is also where I stay.

Let me tell you a secret
how I smelled life. I smelled life.
sometimes in summer mornings
with smiling daisy and marigold
but then in aftermath of a stormy thunderstorm
she said this is also where I stay.

Let me tell you a secret
how I heard life. I heard life.
sometimes in the bird chirping
by my window to say I'm here,
but then in unsung songs of heroes who silently fly.
she said this is also where I stay

I told life yes I know you now.
I know you now. I feel you now.
Come by my side as you may like
I am here to hold you in my warm caress
Just as you are come by my side.

- Neha