Saturday, October 29, 2011

Plastic Flowers

"Shadows" by Neha

To some you are not real
Without a fragrance
Without the frailties

They fail to see a meaning in you ...

But you are real to her
If only just different
With your plastic soul

You make her days bright
Winter frost doesn't freeze you
Warm reflections of your pinkness glow

Nothing is permanent
But then, you are more permanent
You don't fall in fall

You are a bright spot on a cloudy night
So what if you are a plastic flower
[Don't tell them...but here's our secret]
She loves you for your plasticity


Monday, October 24, 2011

Last words of a rubber ball thrown on the sea

I never thought I'd feel so free.
Surrounded by green ocean water.
Far away from any sign of round people who made me,
Or little round people who played with me.
For who thought that I, a rubber ball, would have feelings?
Even I, a rubber ball, never thought that I'd have feelings!
Yet, here I am - a rubber ball thrown on the sea, with feelings.


I feel drifted. Like someone took the solid ground from right under my feet.
I look up to the open blue sky, soft mist on my face and I think of my mother.
She was not a rubber ball like me. She was a stainless steel machine.
Yes, I was born in a factory with 20,000 other bouncy rubber balls - my brothers and sisters-
You see, we never played together - each one of us gone to the house of little round people.
Oh!I love little round people. Especially the little round one they called chubby cheeks.
I was his most favorite possession on earth. Even more favorite than the talking cat.
He drew a smily on my face.

And here I am, a rubber ball thrown on the sea.
What will I become - a coral reef? a fossil of human civilization?
A stranger in the land of brine at bottom of the ocean?
Surrounded by electric fish, sharks, whales
The little fellow, the predator, the creator
And in the middle of them all:
I, a rubber ball thrown on the sea. Still smiling.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lunchbox of my dreams

"Flight" by Neha

Lunchbox of my dreams,
Dreams of my childhood,
Childhood of bread and butter,
Butter cream biscuits and noodles,
Noodles with oodles of playful fork,
Fork with five stainless hands,
Five hands joining to play ringa ringa roses,
Roses of very first love,
Love of a mother rushing to work,
Work of everyday dreams,
Dreams of my childhood,
Childhood of lunchbox,
Lunchbox of my dreams.


Wasted War

You fought ignorance with hatred
Your hatred got hatred
Hatred loved ignorance
You spread ignorance with hatred
And now you sit wondering what went wrong
While god of ignorance smiles.


Saturday, October 15, 2011


[I thought a hero was not supposed to show his pain. Ever.
I was wrong. All this time]

You don't become a hero by hiding your pain,
You become a hero by showing your bruises.


Friday, October 14, 2011

If change were a piece of art

"In my element" by Neha

If change were a piece of art, I will make a start..
Knowing that you can get there part by part
Knowing that it gets messy before it gets pretty
Knowing that the lines may not be perfect

Maybe it will be a blank canvas made by someone's rough hands..
Waiting for me to splash my colors
Waiting for me to give it a form
Waiting for me to change its destiny and my own, hand in hand

Maybe it will be a discarded piece of art found under the rubble at a goodwill store..
Waiting for me to pick it up despite the scratches
Waiting for me to not give up on it
Waiting for me to tell it I see beauty, not junk

Maybe it will change "the" world or "someone's"world
I will paint the elephant in the room pink
I will give wings to the frog of the well
I will make the sun shine in the darkest corners

If change were a piece of art, I will take my brush and make a start..
Knowing that inch by inch a painting is completed
Knowing that as a child, I had the courage to sketch mighty castles
Knowing that tiny humming bird migrates miles starting with a flap
So start even if you don't see the end of the road
For you can imagine the end of the road
For what you can imagine, you can create
For you have to start somewhere someday
So start, let's make change an art..
What better day than today?
What better place than here and now?
What better person that the one you see in the mirror?


This is for Linda who knows the beauty of change

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pehla Kavi

Viyogi hoga pehla kavi,
Aah se upja hoga gaan,
Nikal kar nayanon se chupchap,
Bahi hogi kavita anjaan.

- Sumitra Nandan Pant

Dono or prem palta hai,
Priye, patang to jalta hi hai
Dipak bhee jalta hai.

 -Maithli Sharan Gupt

Kewal badal nahin aankh ko,
Thodi si dopahar bhi lena
Jeetey jeete marte hain sab,
Tum marte marte jee lena

Jab thakan sindhu ho jai,
Aur chetna lagey doobne
Baith hridaya ke madiralai mein,
Tab -Tab dard sura pi lena.

-RamSanehi Lal Sharma 'Yayawar'

 Courtesy: Manish Chauhan