Friday, April 29, 2011

Confession to Angel of Blue Mermaid

The Blue Mermaid by Neha

I made the gravest mistake
Sat on mini me of blue

What have I done
How could this day

My tent on the beach
Ready to meditatively

I was just settling down
Didn't hear her snoring

I made the gravest mistake
Sat on mini me of blue

You were the last surviving one
For sitting down I am

Still in shock..


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #29: What if it turned out that [insert your favorite mythical creature here] were real and you had accidentally just killed the last one?

Writing on the sidewalk

Keep Walking by Neha

On my morning walk I
read the writing on sidewalk
Growing green grass
Winding redbrick road
Two jumping squirrels
I wait -
for evening stroll


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #28:Look around you. Write down 3-5 nouns of things you can see. Brainstorm a list of verbs that you might associate with using or interacting with each noun, and a list of adjectives for each noun. Now write a poem using as many of these nouns, verbs and adjectives as possible.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The Dream by Henri Matisse ( 1940 )

What if she was
reborn as he?
What if he was
reborn as she?

Will he understand
her two cents more?
Will she become
obsessed with sports?

Will he see the light
in many matching shoes?
Will she understand why
he gets so suddenly amused?

Will he know that she is
not a goddess but human?
Will she see that he is not
a dream but a boy blooming?


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt # 27:What if you were born the opposite sex? What have you always wondered about?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Happening

All Saints I by Wassily Kandinsky (1911)

If it happens, it happens
If it does not happen, what will happen?
Will it become that that did not happen?
While happening hops hollow in heaven ?


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #26:Choose a common saying/adage and write a poem about or inspired by it. Play with the language, with the words, indulge in word play. My adage : If it happens, it happens, If it does not happen, what will happen? ( Persian)

Tickled by Sand

Sand moving under my feet
Tickled as ocean’s wave retreat


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #25: Write a poem that could fit into a text message (140 characters). Check out for inspiration and examples.

Monday, April 25, 2011

For Elise

At way past the midnight hour
In a world beyond stars
I met Beethoven under the
windmill of an old brick tower
He wore a scarf with red flower

Curly grey locks covered
a quarter of his face
Two sideway things
looked somewhat like wings
His eyes rolled between stars,
pencil and a crumpled tissue paper .

Was this the result of some
freudian scheme or perhaps
a hallucination caused by
a late night tea or
maybe it was for elise
playing on radio as I
went to belated sleep ?

I tried to listen in
for another worldly tune
Beyond a reasonable
doubt for Elise was
playing in background.
Beethoven with wings smiled .

I with brown eyes smiled back.
I said : I'd like to ask a thing
I have been wanting
for so long to know
Nobody knows.
Some light perhaps
you can please throw?

I have spent long nights
listening to song for Elise
Some nights the clock
had stopped some
nights starry blue skies
gazed into my brown eyes

And I wondered.
I wondered on those
nights when the clock
had stopped and on
nights that starry blue
skies gazed at my
brown eyes.

Who was Elise?
What were you thinking
when you wrote her song?
Did you play it to her
as she stood by the
balcony door?
Did she ever know
your heart was beating?

Beethoven smiled.
He said it happened
like this: It was the most
beautiful evening
I was sitting on the
funny cocktail waitresses
legs shaped stool at a bar

Server announced "One
Apfelwein for Elise!"
She came forward
to pick her glass
For her it was two steps
for her drink
For me it was a case
of indelible ink

I was lost in her eyes
Cupid's arrow hit at
center of my heart
I was a victim of love
at first sight.
I was lost in her eyes
In that first glance I
wrote song for elise
forgetting all else

She stood by
the balcony door
I was tackling
my nerves when
I decided to have
a drink and go to her

I said cheers - one for
my baby and one for
the road
My nerves said we are
not so sure
I said - one more for
my baby and one for
the road.

My nerves said we are
almost getting there
I said - one for my
baby and one for
the road
Elise was heading
for the door

My nerves finally said
we are ready!
Elise had headed
out already

And I was left
standing there.
Looking at the
bare balcony door

Empty bottle by my side
I said: None for my baby
none for the road
Must it be! Must it be!
This song is for elise
headed for the road
with an unknown zipcode


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #24: Choose a historical figure (someone famous or that you admire or who is notorious) and write a poem about what it would be like to meet them. Maybe you ask them for advice in a dream, or you imagine how they might react to certain circumstances today.


1) Listen to Für Elise here:

2) Apfelwein is a German variant of cider

Thursday Poets Rally Week 42

Thanks to Vin & Jingle for the award to "How are you?"

Parked at thursday poets rally
Alongside writer's block cafe
So imperfect yet
The perfect award buffet

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Salute to Ms. Broccoli

Rockstar with low calorie
Quite adore you Ms.Brocolli

Though we rather recently met
You are my victorious veggie pet

Dipped in Omega three
Enriched with Vitamin E

This connection is organic
Your dinner more like tonic

Answer to my gastronomic prayer
Please take care of my skin and hair

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #23: Write an ode to your favorite food.

Feelings of Kitchen Ceiling

Still Life with Green Sideboard by Henri Matisse (1928)

I am your kitchen ceiling
I too have very deep feelings

I am not just part of a structure
I am objective with my own character

I am head of four exciting walls
I see the shiny wooden floor overall

I have been part of invisible lot
I look into eyes of boiling pot

I see lot of things cook down there
I don't speak of just cookie dough

I hope you would look up here
I hope it happens this very year

I have been put on a pedestal for long
I too dream one day to walk on ground

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #22: Choose an object (something interesting, like a stress ball, an article of clothing, a knick knack, etc.) and write a poem about it.

Losing Heart

Succession by Wassily Kandinsky (1935)

Excuse me passerby can
you help my program restart?
I seem to have lost my heart
My software feels rather lost

I think it had too much going on
Add to it pumping since I was born
I wish I could feel him right here
My software feels rather lost

Life without him is not the same
I want to be able to feel once again
I saw a tragic movie and not a single
drop from my bucket of tears was shed

I saw a standup comedy show while sitting
Room was laughing and rolling on the floor
I could not feel a single thing in
my very fickle tickle bone

I feel rather lost

Not lost like a heart stolen
in application stage of first love
Not lost like when you kiss defeat
in a nail biting deciding match

More like when you go numb
When you can't feel joy or pain
When you feel like a stone
When you don't feel the same

Like a toast without jam
Like a windshield without a wiper
Like a torch without battery
Like a goodbye scribbled in hurry

I want to laugh like a thousand bells
I want to loose steam like a tea kettle
I want to cry me a very deep river
I want to make a new start

As soon as I locate
my lost heart

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #21: What if you suddenly lost one of your senses? What would you do? Which would you most fear to lose?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Productions

Welcome to Earth Productions
Our motto: Unlimited Gratification

We have patents for "we want more"
This planet is a seven eleven store

Quadruplicate return on need investment
Is CEO Outspit Bull's vision statement

Whatever you want we will provide
All your desires can be sorted out

Unlimited consumption raises your heartbeat
Unlimited reverie will make you diabetically sweet

Nonzonated fun's team lead is Ms.Polecat
She is attached to Mr.Vectorcardiograph

Postmaster Sticky will note your wish list
Artist Astucious will create visual gist

We hope with unhoofed life you overrelate
Virtual Cook Coofus will overfill your plate

We use all earth's top notch resources
There is no cap on threshold of natural forces

Welcome to Earth Productions
Our motto: Unlimited Gratification


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #20: Use this random word generator to generate a list of 10-15 words (make sure you select different types of words, i.e. nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) and write a poem with each line ending with one of your words.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To Whomsoever It May Concern

Ladders Cross the Blue Sky by Joan Miró (1953)

Dear Whomsoever It May Concern ,

Whatever be your present station
With whatever you might align
Wherever you might chose to dine
Whatever be your idea of divine
Whatever be your life's design

I want you to know
I want you to know

Some poems don't rhyme
Some flowers don't reach prime
Some love stories end in a battle
Some mysteries keep us baffled
Some people never learn to say no
Some surprises turn out just so so
Some nights don't see a morning
Some compounds crave for bonding
Some journeys get accidentally diverted
Some soldiers get posthumous awards
Some palaces are made of cardboard
Some painters wait to be discovered
Some legends just martyred
Some times time is not enough
Some choose to not call a bluf a bluf
Some crockery is never used
Some memories in retrospect amuse
Some trains are missed by a second
Some myths are never questioned
Some fragrances are quick to diffuse
Some bags never put to good use
Some raincoats are not water proof
Some war heroes cry at spoofs
Some boats come with a hole
Some new shoes have a thin sole
Some perfect plans fail
Some rabbits left behind a snail
Some summers see some snow
Some call some don't show

I want you to know
I want you to know

It's alright.

- Neha

Plumbing and Art

Dancers at the Bar by Edgar Degas (1877)

I heard two beautiful old
ladies talk while waiting
for the late morning train.
Both of them had a bob cut
They were laughing
One said what matters is
that plumbing works.
The one in red shirt
gasped and said super!

The train arrived
I was sitting behind two
middle aged eclectic ladies
Both of them had
fine long hair
They were talking
of flowers,materials,
art and scrapbooking
One with tiger cap kept
saying how good for you!

I wondered : What's with
girlfriends and similar
hair styles?
This was followed by passing
guilt pang as I smiled

I am not into eavesdropping
as a serious profession
Don't get me wrong
Just this newfound
Interest to look around!


Someone you might have met

El Escultor by Pablo Picasso

Have you met someone
who says a glorious hi
and never turns back
for the reply?
To wait and watch
If you are dead
or alive?

I once read a
newspaper article
About a tragedy in a

He had been doing
overtime when his
Heart said I quit
It took two days
for them to find he
was not breathing not
staring straight at his
computer screen

Have you ever met someone
who smiles into your eyes?
You get all excited and say
Oh hi but turns out
he was on his bluetooth
talking to his would be wife?

You feel embarrassed that
you thought the hi was for you
But even that is wasted as
he looks past you as if you were
a transparent glass door screw

Have you been on an elevator
with an investment banker?
You scramble for your two minutes
elevator pitch but he is having
an out of body experience
dreaming of a baseball pitch ?

His father was quite a man
He taught him to bat and ball
His mind always on the goal
He said son roll with the
ball and with you the
ball will roll too

Have you met someone who
had the most lovely green eyes ?
You tell her in their depth you
could any time scuba dive?
She turns back and says oh
I got this shade of lenses
made for discounted price!

She used to wear fiber glasses
but one day he joked that it
made her look like a toad
She decided it was time to
jump out of this well and
tell prince charming look
I actually look swell

Have you ever met someone
who says she craves like
anything for the place
she left behind?
How that place has
all the heart and soul
unlike this soulless jungle
which is rather dull?

You ask her then why doesn't she
pack her bags and just go back ?
She says oh I'm just here for the
dough and then there's that
That I like the idea of left behind
more than playing catch up

Have you met someone who
says hey we should definitely
get together sometime?
But not a single time he
mentions a place or time?

He has a full hearted smile
and slightly drunk eyes.
He doesn't mean to not
be kind. Just suffers from
an attention span of a
buzzing house fly

Have you seen an actor who
says he never watches his
own movies?
How to face after effects
of editing?

He likes to move on with no
thirst for critical acclaim
Not in the public atleast
He says my job is same with
Rotton tomatoes green or red

- Neha

Every Poem Doesn't Have to Rhyme : Part 2

It looks like the poet is
getting increasingly biased
towards a rhyme

The meter
The scheme
The pure elegance

I have to constantly remind
lady! every poem doesn't
have to rhyme.


Sequel to :

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcome Couch

Dear new grey couch
Antithesis of slouch
Welcome to our home
Now it is your very own

I am so very happy
Nothing to worry
You have warranty
Fear no yellow tofu curry

I do want to timely confess
The ex I might just miss
He is joining salvation army
Willing to serve so many

He will always be treasured
But you are the new beloved
Such a beautiful curvature
Fine fabric mixed with leather

I like your quite a firm character
My spinal ligaments will have no other
Your angel swivel chair is here
I feel like parking myself there

You, me and a red wine glass
I feel I'm traveling business class
Your ergonomic section of leg stretch
Feel like reading guide for the perplexed

We will spend great many years
Let's get acquainted front to rear
Looking at the garden view
I will grow older with you


When Newton's Mother Met Shakespeare's Mother

Landscape with Mimosas by Pierre Renoir (1912)

{ This conversation took place when
Newton's mother Hanna met
Shakespeare's mother Mary.
The meeting took place in a fruit orchard}

Hanna said Mary so nice to meet thou here
I am disturbed where did my apple disappear

Mary said my dear I am much more into peers
That is why I named this son of mine as Shakespeare

Just then young Newton appeared eating an apple
He said mum with gravity of situation I seem to grapple

Shakespeare was staring at neighboring mango tree
He said much ado about nothing to be or not to be


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #19: Choose a historical figure, spend a few minutes googling them, then write a poem from their perspective.

The Agenda

The Dream by Pablo Picasso

I have a dream.
To make an agenda
for a dream life
just for you.

Let's chart out an
agenda for your life
As a cheat sheet
Let's take my life

You know-like a school
book reference guide?
A short cut to avoid an
avoidable rocky high tide?

A substitute for a
boring history class
Still know how not to
repeat mistakes of the past

What is my dream for you?
What is the red danger sign?
What did I do right?
What did I do wrong?

You see. You must
learn from me.
Together we can
be a superstar

I have your good
better, best at my heart.
Let's get together
and make this chart.

You say what you
think you want.
I will tell you if its
right or wrong.

A talent such as yours
Is not to be wasted.
All these years better
be wisely invested.

I have a dream
to make you seen.
To not be invisible
as I have been.

You see I love you.
As you do too.
You have potential
Need some credential

I hope you would
not object
All this effort to
make you perfect

Your doubts
will disappear
Snow filled road
will be cleared

You will make the
best judgement
Standing on a
fine establishment

Let's to do this.

You will shine.
Still in your prime
Live to be 104
with no regret!

{ At this point
there is a thump
followed by a close
hint of grump!}

Wait! Wait! Wait!
This is going too fast
My life.
Your agenda

I also have an
equation of vision
A calculation of
life's permutation

How about being
my old fashioned
encyclopedia instead
of this internet expedia?

I will make mistakes
and fall on my face
I will be heart broken
with bruises to showcase

I may not take the
road studded with rose
I may get cheated
right under my nose

I may get lost in
a thick jungle
I may get into a
philosophical bungle

I may not go with
rest of the herd
I may make my
voice heard

I may discover a
fountain pen head
I may rewrite Ayn
Rand's atlas shrugged.

I might bump
into a donkey
I might meet
the unicorn

I have a dream.

I have a dream too.
The one which says
Welcome to perfection
Null and void destination

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #18:Pick an article form the paper (you need a hard copy for this); as you read through it, circle words to create a poem from the order of circled words.

How are you?

Murnau Street with Women, Wassily Kandinsky, 1908

I have lots of things to teach you now,
in case we ever meet, concerning the message
that was transmitted to me under a pine tree
in North Carolina on a cold winter moonlit night.
It said that Nothing Ever Happened, so don’t worry.

{ Jack Keroac, in a letter written to his first wife, Edie in 1957 }

On just another day
He bumped into an
old friend at the
corner grocery store

It had been more
than fifteen years
His waist grown
by inches four

His old friend Ess
seemed to have
compressed like
an iron press

Ess said oh wow!
Has it been- what-
Ten. No fifteen years!
Oh! Holy mother of god!

To think I would
meet you here!
Remember we used to
call you a radioactive nerd!

You radioactive nerd!
To think I would
meet you here !
How come you here?!

He said I came
to buy toothpaste
Realized the last tube
was squeezed to death

Ess said wow -
can you believe?!
It has been so long
How are you?

He said - Oh
I have been fine
Life has given
me quite a ride

Top of the school
I slogged for 9 years
Nine to five and five
to Nine was my life

I was a star of
the comedy circus
Dancing to whoever
wanted me to be their walrus

One day I was sitting
by my big corner window
Preparing for the next
guaranteed promotion

I was the man you
wanted by your side
Maker of any deal
Breaker of glass ceiling

I was in a rush to prepare
Powerful point presentation
Gateway to guaranteed
next big prized promotion

And just then - by my
corner airy window
I saw a beggar singing
a corny rap folk song

His shirt was tattered
His jeans had two big holes
So big that I could spot
from my corner window

I was in the hottest seat
I was dressed in suit and tie
I was the man you wanted
by your side

I had ten thousand twenty
airline miles, five credit
cards which said no limit
Living it to win it

But life did not
seem to be very fair
I was running
Beggar was singing

I was running
Beggar was singing
Was there a memo
that I was missing?

Sitting by my big
corner window
I decided to pack
up and see the world.

I left. I left just like that
On my way out I
heard the guaranteed
promotion shout my name.

Corner window said
I feel an emptiness inside
Without you by my
airy side. Come back!

Credit cards were crying
I told them its not you
its me. It is over
between you and me.

I said its not you its me
I was leaving just like that.
Looking for credit beyond
my shining credit score.

Airline miles said :
This is very new
Not on a way to
big game with you.

I left. I left just like that
I got a round the world
ticket with all my miles
I'd be gone for a while.

What I was getting into
I had no clue. To leave.
To leave just like that
it must take a fool.

It was something.
I saw big mountains,
deep valleys and villages
with dusty brick roads

I saw a house said
to be haunted. Turned
out the old stuttering
limping lady spread the
rumor so she would
not be taunted.

I went to hidden parts
of big cities never
included on a map or
on hop on and off open
top bus tours.

I saw love. I saw
pain. I saw hope.
I saw dispair.
I saw difficult birth.
Easy life. Easy birth.
Difficult life.

I saw a revolution
cooking in a
moldy basement
in the middle of
a rainy night. The cook
was making bread omelette.

I saw a man living
with two dogs, one hen
and few torn books. He
had a guitar version
of Harley Davidson
bike and sang "In my
solitude." I was to be
his house guest.

He said : I am
seventy five. I have
fought in two world wars
but I live for peace
to look after my
4 by 4 garden piece
which I would never
ever lease.

I saw poetry. I saw
Rhyme and his lonely
brother reason. I saw
crime sleeping with
a thirteen year old
whose father left
when he was five.

I saw fear right
in her dilated eyes. I
saw angry Poseidon. I
saw cupid with
his fine arrows. I saw
the seducing
God of desires.

I saw an archaeologist
in love with his
wife of forty
years. I saw the
master of one
night stands. He bet
on horses for a living.

I saw a sadhu who
said he talks to
God. I met the
atheist who said
not believing
is my faith. I saw
a woman in white who
distributed free hugs.

I met the famous author
of murder mysteries. She
got married to a pastor
on a movie set for
her new sinful plot. But
she said she had
already confessed.

I saw a garbage
warrior. I saw
a goddess waiting
for a devotee to
bring some gifts. I saw
a devotee waiting for
goddess to give a sign.

I saw a kitchen garden.
It had tomato, chilly,
squash and faba bean.
Next to it was an
empty plot with weeds
and two old boots
begging for some attention.

I saw a wall with
graffiti which said do
nothing. It was opposite
a billboard which said just
do it! Next to it was written
Save Water.Prevent child labor.

I met the great grand son
of uncle of good friend
of aunt of Nostradamus.
He said the world is coming
to an end. If we don't
do something. There
would be nothing.

I met his neighbor whose
wife spoke in her sleep. He
took her to village doctor and
asked for a quick cure. The
doctor said try letting her
express some more.

I met birds who were
migrating south. I met
trees who had existed
since time of dinosaur.
I met a child who was
not educated but sold
fans in ten languages.

I walked, drove, hiked
and went on a boat.
And such. This and that.
and then and those.
And now here.

It was something.
I was reminded of the
beggar's rap folk song.
For the first time I
knew the meaning of
what he was singing.

How are you?

- Neha

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pick two

She says pick two
But when I do
She says not
the one I wrote
while making stew

She says pick two
But when I do
She says that's
not even new

She says pick two
But when I do
She says that has
lines too few

She says pick two
But when I do
She says not
the one I wrote
about you

He says why don't
you pick two
I will nod and
say please do!

-Neha with Aggie

Life as a weekend

Charing Cross Bridge by Andre Derain ( 1906 )

I read summary
of life this weekend
One part rainy.One
Part sunny weekend

One part rainy weekend.
Tornado watch. Traffic
Jam on highway. Favorite black
And white stripe shoes
Soaking wet. Brown
Umbrella gone to pieces
On a storm in a rush by
The side road. Shelter under cafe
Canopy. Order of tomato
Basil soup with waffle for one. Sweet
Temptation vanilla on hot French
Chocolate Cake. Better than the best I
Ever thought any human
Could ever make. One became
Two. He said wait right there
I will join you too. Spinach dip with pita
Chips. Funny how before the rain we
Never stopped by here.
Birds on red wall. Blue fishes
Circle on another. African
lady's portrait looks on
from the corner. Funny
How Before the rain we
Never stopped by here. Rain
Like cats and dogs. Run home under
the big daddy flower umbrella
I had kept in his car. Swivel chair, movie,
orange and comforter. Sleep listening
To sweet dreams are
Made of these.

I read summary
of life this weekend
One part rainy .One
Part sunny weekend

One part sunny weekend.
Little girl in orange pants
Skating with friend. Boys playing
Jump and catch. Shredding
brown bag full of one year
Worth of paper trash. Tomato curry
with Tofu and rice. Grass
by balcony shining
like a rhinestone
mining site. Short Short distance
Call to Maria who has been
Making guest appearance
in my dreams. Long long
distance call to mother
Hen.Writing the story
Of light. Lord grant
Me that ten thousand
Dollar grant. Grant
Me the courage just
In case you say : Sorry my
Child I simply can't. Cuckoo song
Hints get paper and pen. Making
Plans. Some more plans for
Making more plans.

I read summary
of life this weekend
One part rainy.One
Part sunny weekend


I am OM

Polynesia by Henri Matisse

[aum ity etad akṣaram idam sarvam, tasyopavyākhyānam
bhūtam bhavad bhaviṣyad iti sarvam auṁkāra eva
yac cānyat trikālātītaṁ tad apy auṁkāra eva

OM! - this eternal cosmic sound is the whole of visible universe.
The past, present, future - all of this is
And what is beyond these three states
- that too - is OM.

- The Mandukya Upanishad ]

All my life I wanted to be a diary
To feel togetherness with all loose papers
inside of me. It would be nice to hear
about people's lives. To know what made
them laugh and cry
on any given day. To have them
pour their hearts on me. I would
be the best listener in the whole
wide world. To feel
blue ink who am
I's. I know I have
been blank. Dressed up
in fine silk cover. Waiting for
dreams, hopes and memories
to fill me up. To merge my
being with someone's story.

All my life I wanted to be a story.
A funny story. The one which
makes you laugh so much
that you tear up and the stomach
starts to hurt and you say - Oh
for heaven's sake stop please stop!
All my life I wanted to stop.
to stop doing something
every single minute. To not
run after something
or somewhere. From
something or someone. To pause and
feel the rush of air.

All my life I wanted to merge with air.
free flowing air. Air on the
mountain top. Dust storm
in the dessert. Swirling,
twirling. The rising and falling
breath of life. Dancing with a sparrow.
All my life I wanted to be a sparrow.
Wild bird. House bird. I would sit on
A five hundred year old oak tree branch
and chirp and hop and
flock on green summer grass.

All my life I wanted to be the grass.
Dream of brown mud. Morning
dew on my skin. Squirrels playing
with me. Little girl jumping
a pink rope. Counting till one
hundred four.Children's rhyme
playing on radio wave.

All my life I wanted to be a radio wave.
To switch between amplitude and
frequency modulation. Dial in program
for loved and lost. Make someone
discover a friend or a two months
old child given for adoption twenty
years back.To play love songs for
some broken hearts. Dedicate
A message for solidier at some
distant post - Come back soon.I wait
for you. Ah! I will play the most
soul stirring songs.WHEN YOUR
GOES BY. Break on radio turns me into
Public service message:SAVE THE

And I have wanted to be the living
room where that message plays. The
silver diner open late at night.The
study whose reading lights are on. Passing
through empty space.I travel through
nothing, yet I am something.
I am OM


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #17: Imitate this one, using the "all my life" repetition structure...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Suna kaha

The Beethoven Frieze by Gustave Klimt

Tuney bhee suna hai
Mainey bhee suna hai

Jo tuney na kaha hai
Mainey na kaha hai

Yu hi kehtey suntey
Kaisey ye din guzrey


To birds who fly away

By my window by Neha

If you were here
sitting by my window
I would have opened
my eyes and looked
at your feathers and
half yellow, half red beak

You would have been
the morning alarm
I would have put
some sunflower seeds
on the deck, which
you would slowly peck

You would have perched
on the clothesline
I would gently stretch and
sip my morning tea
and hear your
early morning song

You are not here
You flew away
I am here
by the same window
Your not being
made this song be


To Truth

The Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt

He wants truth
Not love
Not money
Not fame

He wants truth.

He wants truth.
I ask: Whose
truth do you

My truth?
Your truth?
Our truth?
Their truth?

His truth?
Her truth?
Micro truth?
Macro truth?

He wants truth
Not love
Not money
Not fame

He wants truth.

He wants truth
I ask: Whose
truth do you

Horse truth?
Hen truth?
Fly truth?
Fish truth?

Final truth?
Changing truth?
Paused truth?
Running truth?

He wants truth
Not love
Not money
Not fame

He wants truth.

He wants truth
I ask: Whose
truth do you

Mighty truth?
Misty truth?
Star truth?
Earth truth?

Absolute truth?
Relative truth?
The truth?
A truth?

He wants truth
Not love
Not money
Not fame

He wants truth.

He wants truth.
I ask: Whose
truth do you

Morning truth?
Night truth?
Dawn truth?
Dusk truth?

Today's truth?
Yesterday's truth?
Dream truth?
Memory truth?

He says
I want truth
I want truth
One truth


Truely inspired by " Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth." - Henry David Thoreau

Do not go gentle into that good night

The Starry Night Sketch by Vincent Van Gogh

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

- Dylan Thomas

Love this reading by Anthony Hopkins :

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blue Magical Hairband

Niny got a blue
magical hairband
Better even than
toothfairy's wand

When Niny put
blue band on her head
The world started
to look more red

The red of love
The red of rose
The red of cheeks
The red of sky

She saw everyone
just needed some love
Even the boy with bruise
who called her obtuse

Earlier she thought
some people were good
While some were not
But how she was wrong

With her blue
magical hairband
Niny discovered a
world with no bad

Now she knew with
some pixie dust
girl with blue hairband
can win big hearts

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #16:What if you developed a super power ?

To Medieval Man

For the time she saw
him in a moving train
Reading the torn
brave new world

For the next line
as he asked her
has she read
these words?

For the smile
as she said Oh
But I live in an
old old world

For his question:
shall we get
together on a
medieval train ?


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #15 Choose a Jazz (or Classical) song, put it on loop and keep listening to it until words start to come. My piece: Beethovan's Fur Elise

Friday, April 15, 2011

Brain Wave of a Scriptwriter

Ah again! the critical
part of storyline
Hero has gone to
distant land
Time going like
sand in hand

What should I do
with chapter two?
Should I turn him
from hero to rogue?
Or would a war veteran
be more in vogue?

Should I make him
join the local tribe?
Or make him a
robinhood type?
Or maybe the
runner with a kite?

Should I make him
ever return?
Or will a lost hero
be worshipped more?
Let's just make him
the boy next door!


NaPoWriMO Daily Prompt #14:Pick a profession that you have never been part of or been trained to be part of and write a poem about what you think it would be like to be part of that profession (i.e. soldier in the army, cobbler, doctor, lawyer, teacher, butcher, filmmaker, etc.)

To Women As Far As I'm Concerned

to a certain several women I have known

The feelings I don't have I don't have.
The feeling I don't have, I won't say I have.
The feelings you say you have, you don't have.
The feelings you would like us both to have, we neither of us have.
The feelings people ought to have, they never have.
If people say they've got feelings, you may be pretty sure they haven't got them.
So if you want either of us to feel anything at all
You'd better abandon all ideas of feelings altogether.

- D H Lawrence

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alien Assembly

Just as my glorious dream
was reaching an end
A talking fish with wings
opened my left eye lid

I jumped! This was not
my planned storyline
She looked like a knot
Her six eyes with sigma sign

The fish started laughing
She said : dont act silly!
this is an official alien kidnapping
you can call me my lady xily

I jumped even higher!never
heard of an alien kidnapping
That too in middle of
very deep snoring

Please cool down
my curiousity ?
What's the purpose
my lady xily?

Before the answer
came a sound bam!
I was transported to
My lady xily's homeland

When I opened my
eyes I was in a round cube
Assembly of baby aliens
waiting for a single view

My eyes fell on
the nearby flyer
It said endangered
specimen show per desire

Come look at her
only two eyes
Check out the
strange human type

My lady xily became
the teacher and narrator
I felt more like
a rare court jester

Lights, camera, action
the class thus began
Title turned out
"comedy of man"

Baby aliens formed
a hexagon tent
Their mercury ears
rising with excitement

My lady xily said
look at this creature
Her species is a
lesson for your future

They want to prove
who is better
Your bread or
my butter

They argue when
none is required
You throw a rock
I will throw a scissor

They run after
little green paper
Whose pile
can fill well deeper

They dig the earth
for all their needs
Replenishing what
is taken not a deal

They compete with
neighbors mrs & mr jones
my flag one inch
higher than yours

They make beautiful
works of art
Destroy castles like
a pack of termite

Baby aliens had
bubbles tear in eyes
This comedy was
not turning light

My cheeks turned
red and green
My lady xily
continued on

This is a preliminary
List of what not to do
If our alien world is to
last after twelve past two

Now listen to what
they do right
What might be
worth your while

They make apple
pie tasty like atombite
Chocolate fudge can
make u forget all diet

They name salsa both
dance and food
Telly tubby toons
are a big boon

They invented
safety pin one time
Navy blue jeans
has a good design

They created
tomato basil pasta
One constructed
leaning tower of Pisa

They wrote the
Arabian nights
Twinkle twinkle
little star is so bright

Baby aliens had
their mouth open
Filled with awe and
infinite admiration

My lady xily
flapped her wings
Alien abduction
ended with a P.S:

Watch out for
human specimen
Part inspiration
Part damnation


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #13: What if you were abducted by aliens?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitchen Triangle - A Love Story

Pot asked pan to be his mate
Said look I am all round great!

Pan said funny that you ask
I am committed to nonstick flask

Pot said since I saw you on that flame
To be on fire with you has been my dream

Pan said you are very very late
Red Flask and I went for tenth date

Pot said if I had not waited so long
You and I would be going strong

Pan said don't carry all that weight
There must be someone in your fate

Service spoon was listening in
She said I would like to add a thing

I met Pot at dinner hosted by potato dish
To be your love is my only wish

I was waiting for that day
when this I could say

Pot said I remember meeting here
Your stainless steel shiny and clear

Service spoon started to blush
Said I massage with special brush

Pot was already over the crush on pan
Said service spoon I'm your man!


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #12: Brainstorm 4-6 one syllable words that you use frequently when you write. Make a list of all the words you can think of that rhyme with each one. Now write a poem with rhyming couplets following the pattern: AA, BB, CC, DD, …etc.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Double Deck of Debt

Double deck of debt
he has to pay
His chest swelled like
a huge sack of hay
His eyes popped out
King of the road
without a doubt

With ten bags of salary
He got carried away
before too late
Got a house for five
A premier club
for eight

Four for a snazzy car
to hand to valet
Three for food
plus butler's pay
He got carried away
Double deck of debt
he has to pay!


Here's a different take on today's NaPoWriMo prompt!

Double debt

Mit und Gegen by Wassily Kandinsky, 1929

A double debt he has to pay
One for the heart
One for the brain

When the heart said fly
He stood stung by logic

When the brain said walk
He grew wings and flew away


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #11:Pick up a poetry anthology that has an index of first lines. Choose one randomly and write your own poem starting with the first line (don’t read the original poem until you’ve written your own version). My poem : From ‘The Dream of Gerontius’ By Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801–1890) -

The Yellow Door

Walking by busy sunny morning lane
Humming a song called steam train
She passed once again
Store with the strange sign

Flaky side wall said you can run
Yellow door smiled with an invitation
Strange sign she had seen many times
Walking by busy sunny morning lane

On a spur she decided to enter
The sign was strange
The yellow door bit cryptic
Lock said not for sceptic

On any other day
she would have not stopped
And having stopped
She would get jitters and run

But today seemed a day to dare
She took a deep belly breath
With striped blue bow shoes
To take a plunge she choose

First the yellow door looked locked
But it just needed a gentle push
With her tiny hands she nudged
With a tiny screech door budged

Welcome note walked in front
Followed by alphabet band, blue ink
loose paper and a peacock feather
And bam started the welcome song

We are so glad you decided to enter
We know the sign begs description
We know side wall says you can run
For years yellow door smiling for attention

We are so glad you decided to enter
We have been waiting for many years
For someone to open the door
For someone to step on this floor

We are looking for a lifelong friend
Someone to gently tread the yellow door
To pick us up and fill the loose paper
You see: We are meant to be together

She was dazed like hit by spaceship
Is she dreaming or did she faint
by the busy sunny morning lane
Talking feather and paper with ink called plain!

She rubbed her brown eyes
and pinched her red cheeks
Loose paper came closer and
rustled : you came!

She hesitated to say: I just came
I don't know why
I opened the yellow door
by the busy sunny morning lane

Blue Ink said in her mellifluous
voice: I know why you came
You came because we
are meant to be together

When alphabets hang in air alone
Everybody here feels unknown
When peacock feather swims
in blue ink - paper says fill me up!

Can you please bring us together
Make us a poem sooner than later
Make us do yoga to jingle all day long
Even without rhyme we stay strong!

She was delighted at this plea
To discover magic to make paper
alphabets, feather and ink glee
To create new world from alphabet seed

She took peacock feather in hand
Dipped it in the blue ink drop
Arranged the paper oblong
And worked up the alphabets one by one!

Thanking yellow door on way out
She hummed song called steam train
By the busy sunny morning lane
Saying I will be back again!


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #10:What if you could re-do just one hour or day of your life? Which one would it be and what would you do differently? How might re-doing that hour/day change the rest of your life?

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Naming Many of Me

The Girls (The Virgin) by Gustav Klimt ( 1912-1913)

What if our name was
not a given but taken?
A personal travelogue
as the journey unravelled?

The one who came on a round number day
The one who smiled to say I'm here to stay
The one who wouldn't open her fist
She brought joy as the very first kiss
New flower in the baby nursery
Delicate dot after a brother
In the name of love
In the name of rain
The only noun in family
of resounding divine
Tourmaline the birthstone
Her first word she doesn't remember
She roamed the huge house singing what to do
Tent with bedsheet over a black umbrella
She who slept with puppy named ruby
She who did neurosurgery on blue
eyed rotating doll with baby
She who made castles in sand
Girl waiting for colored pen
Girl dreaming dreams
Girl paper basket mop
Girl magnet to blue
She who memorized by speaking aloud
She who stopped running to become a geek
She who said destiny is a word for weak
She who announced an award to
be taught how to whistle
The popcorn eater who called
a radio program to dedicate a song
The one who would not experiment
with her hairstyle
The one who forgives again and again
The one who swings between saving
the world and herself
The first law of thermodynamics
(Energy nor created nor destroyed)
The third law of motion
(To every action there is an equal
and opposite reaction)
The special theory of relativity
( e =mc2)
The inverted law of supply and demand
The less is more brand
Sophia (for the endless tell me whys)
Ida (Princess of fire)
Minerva (for a thousand works)
Eantropy (anthropic entropy )
Alice in wonderland
Dorothy swept by a cyclone
The bearable lightness of being
The Oh, the places she will go
The neverending story
The number 1 ladies reading agency
The woman's search for meaning
The letters to a missing poet
The cat on a sunny tin roof
The one divided by zero lives
The stroke of insight
The wise and otherwise
Independence made of dependence
Indra's net tied together
Resurgence of right lane
She will talk if you will listen
She will listen if you will talk
Woman who bought plastic
orchid that could survive winter
Woman river ripple, sea sand, ocean offspring
Woman line, reborn as circle
Woman magic mist merging
with star dust

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #9: Imitate “Naming my Daughter” by Patricia Fargnoli, but write it as if naming yourself.

Friday, April 08, 2011

The Angel and The Gambler

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

If I knock on heaven's door
Will I meet the elusive creator?
The all in one writer, editor,
producer and director?

With a Mona Lisa smile
on my earthly face
What will I say as
we handshake?

Nice to meet you my angel,
master and holy protector!
Or how could the world's fate be
left to a compulsive gambler?


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #8: Open iTunes/iPod, put it on shuffle and write a poem with the song title of the first song that comes up. My song - The Angel and The Gambler by Iron Maiden


Breaking news on intergalactic
planetary notice board :
Moon missing in action
Recover for magnetic reward

It is half past midnight
Moon hasn't been in sight
Poets are waiting for inspiration
Tides confused about gravitation

Campers lost in orbital expedition
Lovers look for romantic association
Earth is missing her companion
Pole star has lost all orientation

Galaxy Police Chief Isotope
decided to investigate
To round up the usual
suspects before its too late

Isotope knocked on door
of Moon God Shining Lore
Anxious looking Lore said
I came back from a Mars vacation
Find I may need a new vocation!

What if there was a head
on collision with an asteroid?
What if moon has been put
under a charm by an android?

Isotope called up black hole
Did moon cross your toll ?
Black hole said I don't know
Check with his secretary radiation

Isotope went to moonlight's
secretary Ms.Halo Flight
Halo asked what is
all this mega commotion ?

Isotope said don't you
read intergalactic notice board?
Moon missing in action
Recover for magnetic reward

Sky lit up with full moon just then
Poets flooded with inspiration
Lovers filled with eternal affection
Isotope looked for a new investigation

Isotope said Mister Moon
who kidnapped you?
How did you run?
How did you come?

Moon said: That's some
orbital hypothesis !
I was not kidnapped!
Nor was I under a spell!

Just tired of revolutions
Needed time for contemplation
I had gone for a long night walk
Just forgot to take my clock!


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #7: What if the moon were suddenly destroyed by an asteroid (or maybe it just vanishes)? How would our lives change? How would the world change? You can take this as literally or figuratively as you'd like.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Why Won't My Violet Bloom?

Little Girl in a Garden by
Berthe Morisot (French 1841-1895)

Daisy decided to have her
own little secret garden
To get her hands dirty
and wait for blossom

Wearing her favorite
red polka dot dress
She put rose perfume
Gave dog fluffy a warm caress

She thought: I am new to this
Let me first plant two pots -
Maybe one set of violets
and one forget me nots

She dived to nearby
FlowerGirl nursery
She was going to pick
seeds for her new babies!

FlowerGirl nursery
looked so pretty
Welcome door lined
with hundreds of lilies

She entered the shop and
asked shopkeeper Ms.Rose
Can I please have seeds
of violets & forget me nots?

Lovely Ms. Rose gave her
potting instructions
She said : Be patient and
take care of these creations

Seeds in her hands
she headed back home
Imagine looking at flowers
as her hair she would comb

First task was to chose
the right size pots
Ms. Rose said to grow
we all need suitable plot

For forget me not she
found a yellow ceramic jar
Violets will compliment
the scarlet terracota flask

Spreading the seeds in
potting mix called miracle
Water in green can
she generously sprinkled

Seeds all potted she
somehow patiently waited
Counting days till sprouts
in both pots were spotted

Day became night
and night became day
School holidays came
and went in May

And then it happened
She spotted sprouts!
Ten in pot of violets
Two in forget-me-nots

Daisy was so happy
Fluffy wagged his tail
She thought wow water, sun
air and miracle mix is clever!

She couldn't wait till
sprouts become flower
Violets brimmed with confidence
Forget-me-nots asked for prayer

She waited and waited
Homework, dance, music
handwriting lessons went on
She said Oh flowers come on!

And then it happened!
Could this be true?
Two full bloomed Forget-me-nots
smiling happily at her

Her eyes glanced to
scarlet terracota flask
Beautiful green leaves but
not a single violet flower!

Daisy was confused
She had hoped for
two sets of flowers
With so much love and
nutrition every single hour

Forget-me-nots kept smiling
But Daisy's heart was crying
Ten mighty sprouts of violets
Dream to tuck them on her bonnet

Finally Daisy decided to
go back to FlowerGirl shop
Maybe Ms. Rose will
give her some hope

She asked Ms.Rose at noon:
Why won't my Violet bloom?
Was there something I could do?
Can you please give me a cue?

What Ms.Rose said
changed Daisy's small world
She thought two flower
pots had made her grow

Ms. Rose asked Daisy to
love her forget me nots
She said : Dear Daisy
hear the gardening story

Basic ingredients are
Right pot size with
air, light,water, manure
plus a doze of affection

All of these are needed in
the right proportion
Each sprout has its own
character and growing equation

One needs lots of space
Another likes crowded place
One needs five glasses of water
Another is happy with a quarter

One says gimme tons of attention
Another wants daily silent meditation
One wants high potency fertilizer
Another's best friend earthworm Mr.Creeper

There is a chance you might
not have done everything right
Or maybe step by step you
did all right in your might

Some plants decide to grow
Some decide they simply won't
Some sprout in early hours
Some bloom with pretty flowers

Some only have green leaves
Some studded with pointed thorns
Some die after hundred years
Some live for a few seconds

The story of gardening
is that there is a beginning
then there is an end
This is how world goes on

So celebrate life dear Daisy
In all its forms and spans
Too short or little too long
Remember this garden song

Daisy now understands it
Miracle is in violet flowers
As in plain green leaves
Life is beautiful if you believe

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt # 6: Brainstorm a list of 3-5 stories from your life that you tell all the time or memories that are significant in some way (they could be funny, sad, happy, surprising, life changing, or simply an early memory, etc.). Choose one (you might revisit this list later in the month). Try to put yourself back in that situation, remember what it felt like, the details, what led you up to that point, or what happened after, how did it make you feel? Write a poem about it, starting with the story/memory as inspiration, but allow yourself to deviate from the facts; you aren't trying to recreate the story/memory, so much as you are discovering meaning behind the story/memory.