Saturday, October 02, 2010

Tum aao to sahi

'Dreamworld' by Neha

Tum ko hum dil mein basa lengay tum aao to sahi
sari duniya se chupa lengay tum aao to sahi

ek wada karo ab hum se na bichro gay kabhi
naaz hum sareY utha legay tum aao to sahi

bewafa bhi ho, sitamgar bhi, jafa peshah bhi

hum khuda tum ko bana lengay tum aao to sahi
raah tareek hai aur door hai manzil lekin
dard ki shammain jala laingay tum aao to sahi

tum ko hum dil mein basa lengay tum aao to sahi
saari duniya say chupa lengay tum aao to sahi

-Mumtaz Mirza

Key to Urdu Words: Basa: To dwell, Naaz: Pride, Jafa: Oppression,Taareek: Dark

Listen to this beautiful ghazal by Chitra Singh here


nadeem siddiqui said...

Acchi Gazal Hai balkeh boht Umda!
in third "shair" there is a typographical mistake however. that is "Jafa ke shah"instead of "jafa Peshah"
correct kr lain
take care

Neha said...

You mean it should be "Jafa Peshah" instead of Jafa ke Shah? what does Peshah mean?

Thank you!

NadeemSiddiqui said...

if we see literally peshah means"profession" or Job but in this phrase"jafa peshah" means "habitual betrayer" the person who betrays and his/her conscience doesnt prick.

did you read Pathrao? kaisi lagi?

see you

NadeemSiddiqui said...

go to my blog for pathrao please
i think it was not pasted properly here or else.i just created my blog couple of days ago so its not so rich in contents as yours.
hope you like it and suggest some good tips

Neha said...

Hi Nadeem,

I did get Pathrao which you posted as a comment. It is beautiful! The blog is a great start will take a shape as you add more content. You can also choose from lot of designs if you go to the settings section.

Best Wishes,

nadeem said...

Gulaab, khwab, dawa, zeher, jaam, kya kya hai
Mai aa gaya hoon bata intezaam kya kya hai

Faqeer, shah, qalandar, imaam kya kya hai
tujhe pata nahee tera ghulam kya kya hai
what a master piece poetry it is,can you please tell me the name of its poet or complete the Ghazal at least, thats from your july archive.

thank you for liking Pathrao


Neha said...

Hi Nadeem,

The poet is Rahat Indori...see the amazing Youtube video ( link is in the original post) will like it even more after you hear him recite it!!


NadeemSiddiqui said...

thanks,he or she (as Rahat may be the name of both genders)seems to be worth it,I shall listen to definitely. his books are not available here but still i shall try to search if i find any.

take care

NadeemSiddiqui said...

Wahh Nehaaa !!!
what an accent and voice quality he has .........a BIG BIG BIG plus to his poetry

I really enoyed
thank you