Thursday, August 02, 2018

Rainy day solution

Grey is lack of imagination 

Make your own rainbow,
Nana said, become a lotus!

- Neha

N's Conundrums, III

Pankhudi sa by Neha

How to be angry in love ?
How to be angry, with love?

Not not not
still still still
Till ill i l love.

- Neha

The way it goes I Yellow shoe teacher

Sacred by Neha 

The only shoes that
don't get dirty,
Are the ones
that are not worn.

- Neha


Still Life with Oranges by Henri Matisse 
If orange was a unit of time,
how many slices will you have?

- Neha


Love, like that by Neha 
To find
those who love you for
who you are, 
not what you do. 

- Neha 

Shocking poem

Lithographie originale, 1956, Chien jouant - Mourlot, Joan Miro 
That Hibiscus is okra,
Okra is Hibiscus!

My innocent ignorance,
there she goes!

Still digesting.

- Neha

Interesting Biography, Not

Woman on Charpoy by Amrita Sher-Gil 

I was born,
Everything went fine.
The end.

- Neha