Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Cloudestine Gypsies

Bacchanale au taureau -Pablo Picasso, 1959 

II Clouds are the patron goddesses of idle fellows floating keepers of beauty. .

Aristophanes    Neha
 446 – c. 386 BC The moment that has fled already II 

If I could name clouds, 
then there would be 
as many names
for each cloud, 
as there are 
clouds in the sky; 
( For each moment, there are countless 
clouds between countless 
births and deaths in the sky)

Each cloud's name 
would be: 
what of itself the cloud chooses
to reveal in any given moment, 
meeting with
what my soul's eye
is willing to see in any given moment.
( Each revealing one to another, if only in that beautiful passing moment)

For haven’t you seen the ever changing anatomy of clouds?
There! A cloud blossoming as a rose this moment 
Oh wait! Now it is only half a rose erased 
by a carefully careless hand! 
And there! A dinosaur cloud
chasing a carrot cloud!
Oh wait! Dinosaur cloud has become 
potato cloud now, and carrot cloud a bloating bubble gum! 
(Oh we could play this game forever, you and I!)

Losing our own limiting selves in the infinity of clouds!
We could even become the gypsy cloud readers at the old fair!
( as coffee readers, but clouds are better !)
 - We’d ask the curiosities to descend one by one,
to our open air tent and stare at the clouds, 
and we'd teach them to see their own cloudestiny
in this naming of clouds in any given moment! 

For we all have a cloudestiny- the ability to see what the 
floating clouds of sky and those of ourselves reveal!             

- As above, as within

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