Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Quantum Recovery

Algue blanche by Henri Matisse 

[ quantum - Pronunciation: (KWAHN-tuhm), Meaning-  adjective: 1. Large. 2. Relating to the quantum theory. Noun. 1. A quantity or amount. 2. A portion. 3. A large amount. 4. The smallest amount of something that can exist independently; Etymology: From Latin quantus (how much or how great).

The quantum harmonic oscillator is one of the foundation problems of quantum mechanics. It can be applied rather directly to the explanation of the vibration spectra of diatomic molecules, but has implications far beyond such simple systems. It is the foundation for the understanding of complex modes of vibration in larger molecules…..

 - Quantum Harmonic Oscillator: Schrodinger Equation]

And so it reverberated through ages:
They remained in a perpetual state of recovery -
Recovery from too much sadness
or from too much happiness,

An oscillating quantum recovery:
Rebel roses amidst captive concrete cracks
Concrete deposits amidst red rosy rose beds.

And to think of this quantum of a recovery
while Schrödinger's cat chases her too much tail.

- Neha

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