Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Draupadi, not Sita

I am no Sita
I am no mata, no maiya 
If anything, maybe Draupadi
But you don't name your daughters Draupadi, do you? She is too haughty isn't she?
She speaks up - how disrespectful!
She opens her hair and vows to not tie them till her honor is avenged
( which is really your dishonor since you all just sat and watched)
She asked, "who did you lose first, yourself or me"
You don't have an answer
And she is not a good woman to ask such questions unabashedly
You name your daughters Sita.
Sita walked on fire to prove her purity, no questions asked for a long long time ( as if you can know pure from unpure with the narrow lanes of your tiny minds)
Yes, Sita walked on fire to prove her purity
Yes, a good woman
A good woman till one day she asked her mother Earth to swallow her for she could take it no more
A good woman still for she didn't instigate a war for her honor
Draupadi asked difficult questions and opened her long hair and swayed her hips.
She laughed too much ( she must not have learnt how to talk softly, slowly, best to be unheard, with her eyes down counting fingers on her feet hundred times over; I imagine she whistled beautifully too, and jumped and danced and clapped and dreamt secret dreams I wouldn't dare to speak of)
This dark draupadi
Born of fire. She kept burning like a flame whole of her life
You had patience Sita
and I'm sure I have lessons to learn from your fortitude
But forgive me, for like our mothers, I am no Sita
If anything, I may be the daughter of fire
For like her, I too keep on burning

- Neha

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