Saturday, December 15, 2012

Birds with no names (P.S: I'll call you beautiful birds)

The Acanthus, paper cutout collage by Henri Matisse

I see beautiful birds
Birds with no names
And it makes me restless
This not knowing the names, the labels

And then I let go,
breathe deeply,
exhale fully
and look again

And there they are -
on nameless electric lines,
on nameless trees,
on nameless fences
heartbeats of nameless skys
These birds with no names

They are more beautiful that they ever could be with names
names that might not have been invented yet
names that I do not know yet
In this namelessness they seem more beautiful
for they are their essence
..a beautiful bundle of lightness
And that's what I want to become

- Nameless Lightness

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