Monday, October 29, 2012

A Different Kind of Rain

Chaorder by Neha

This rain
Its not that different
The pitter patter is the same

But this rain is not the same
The pitter patter is like a grandfather's clock
tick tock tick tock - someone is coming
The air is full of anxiety
Shallow breaths of what will we all become

This rain
Its different
Gas station is out of gas already
Whatmart is out of toilet paper
Water aisle is empty
Batteries are long gone too
(sales have hit a five year daily high,
the manager is smiling amidst the chaos,
his weekly forecast is that god is on his side)

Children are happy to have the day off at school
(they plan to play hide and seek)
Their mother is scared out of her wits
(she feels powerless without utility power)
The husband is following live weather reports on his computer
(he says they say the full moon will make it worse, and mid-sentence steals a moment to check the football scores from yesterday)
The neighbor in grey track pants is happy his tortuous office will remain closed
(he has lined up his favorite movies for reruns)
The 80 year old Mrs. Smith has got all her medicines
(she is not worried or happy. She has seen many storms.
This too shall pass, she knows )

The rain has stopped now
He is stretched out smartly with a phone in hand
Was that all?
Or is this the lull before the storm?

- Neha

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