Sunday, September 16, 2012

One Request (to Half the Sky Movement and Amy Grant)

Only One World by Neha
You stand for her, me and for us
You stand for all that should be good
You stand for all that must be good
You stand for women who hold up half the sky

But you do one thing not quite right
You call us the women of third world
Don't you know there is only one world ?
This distinction of first, second, third
Is in itself a barrier to your dreams for our common world

So continue your work
Spread the word
Please work for "world women", just drop the third.

- Neha Misra

An Open Letter

I wrote this piece in a rather calm defiance of the word "third world", triggered (read inspired) by a Facebook post by Nick Kristof's Half the Sky movement with a message from Amy Grant:
"My contribution, 'Third World Women,' was written years ago with my dear friend Chris Eaton... I can't think of a better 'home' for this song than as part of this very important project. I hope and pray for a better, safer world to be a woman no matter what corner of the world you call home." 
         - Amy Grant 
I greatly admire Nick Kristof and Half the Sky movement, as also Amy Grant's voice ( that I grew up listening to on now antique cassettes that I used to play in loop as a teenage girl), and her support for this very important cause. But I have never been a fan of the term "third world" ( having my own roots in the developing world with hundreds of years of colonial history). First, we should have "one world" and not a world divided into classes of first, second, third. Two, it (third world) is a cold war term which should be shed away really in my view.

It is just a word ( two actually), some may say, but then words are powerful. So here's my request - can we please stand for our shared world - one world?

What do you think?

One World Woman,
Neha Misra ( @LightSolar)


belu said...

Power to one world women:)

Anonymous said...

To all the beautiful world women out there, linda