Thursday, August 30, 2012


Opening heart by Neha
She lived for the gasp
The colorful gasp
The tiny gasp
The gravity defying gasp

The gasp that came as a stranger
looked at the colors she had splashed
( colors that came out of her
own eternal gasp )
The gasp that made a second seem
like a very v e r y  v   e   r   y long time
The gasp that made his eyes open
The gasp that made his heart expand,
The gasp that made him feel as if he
had found the secret of being ( to be)
If only for that fraction
of a timeless moment
The gasp as his mouth opened -
"Aah - the colors!", he said.

She lived for the gasp
Happiness in time capsule
of a colorful gasp

- Neha

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