Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Fresh Laundry

A Pork-Butchers Shop Seen from a Window by Vincent Van Gogh
Sometimes you don't even realize
how much the room stinks
till you open the windows
and let fresh air in
or if someone smelling
good, I mean real real good -
like fresh laundry, walks in
or if someone simply puts the
room freshener because
he or she is too polite to say it basically stinks
Its as if you were living with
a white noise and someone came
and just put the white noise switch off
and then there is the joy of pure silence.
Pure silence that has been here all along

There is fragrance now
Life is the sweet smell of morning grass
and you wonder
how you ever lived
without this fragrance in your life,
you wonder if that before counts

Its a new time now
time to throw the garbage
and open the windows
time for fresh laundry

- Neha

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