Saturday, August 11, 2012


            Fingerprints by yoghaert

Everyone we meet in life
leaves their fingerprints on us
Some on our heart
Some on our mind
Some on our body
Some just about everywhere

Some fingerprints fade with time
Some become stronger
Some are marked in an invisible ink
that comes to life when a memory washes over
Some are as straight as a line gets
Some circular like the mother of all circles
Some like a drunken ecstasy -
one part lost, one part simply don't care for loss or lost

Some fingerprints are divine accidents
Some just scars from head on collisions
that should have never happened
Some are in between that bridge of
destiny and the audacity of living a
life on our own terms
Some a legacy from our past
Some just hand me downs with
hidden stories waiting to be found

She looks at all the fingerprints
as a faint memory washes over
And then another, and then another
Fingersprints of a strong current rising from the
bottom of an ocean bed as she roles over

- Neha

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