Saturday, June 16, 2012

Papa With A White Beard

Papa with a white beard 
Unshaven and un-unbrazen
For the first time in years
That must be his way to rebel
Against the silent atrocities of life
A life he never spoke about much to her

The door of the room she sleeps in

has been opened by a stranger
to let some fresh air in,
"There are fresh pancakes here!", someone calls out

It is only her dream, y

Yet, she has been to this place before

Long been absent though
And now everyone has gone
Strangers fill the house from her past
The house where she was once a frequent visitor
Only papa remains

People are urging him to shave

his long white beard
He looks like an old movie hero she remembers
He is still in the bed, he has given a resignation
to all worries that worried him all his life
She wakes up in her dream

A dream within a dream

She goes to his room

She says papa I understand
You don't have to shave if u dont want to
Papa blinks his eyes in his feeble state
As if to say, "I know you understand" 
She feels like crying in her dream
Her throat fills up in real
A tiny drop touches her pillow

She wishes she had gone home more often, 

called more often
But it was too painful
A very long short distance
Like between Papa's long white beard
and his eyes 
His cataract treated eyes
now filled with a distant peace 
Peace that eluded him in life

- Neha

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