Friday, June 01, 2012

Bottled Up

I am a daughter of nature
meant to flow, quench, rise, fall
all in the arms of nature
Nature where I came from
Nature where my days will end in

But you captured me.
You captured me in an industrial complex
There is a reason it is called a "complex"
Because nothing about it is simple
Nothing like the nature of which I was born

It is not restrain that I mind
For my name is water
I am always within boundaries -
boundaries defined by nature

Sometimes a waterfall hitting the edge of a mossy rock
Sometimes a soft lullaby in between the two banks of a river
The two river banks that never meet except through my whispers
My soft lapping whispers about what one had told me to tell another

It is not restraint I mind
But it is the nature of this restraint that I mind
For I am no longer plain water
I am now married to this bottle

And unlike women who take family names of their husbands
I have not become Water Bottled.
No. I have taken your name as my first
And you a plastic bottle
Grandson of industrial revolution
Son of petrochemical

I will be gulped down by strangers right under your nose
Some thirsty throat I will quench in front of your eyes
And recycled as life is meant to be.
It is not me that I cry for
For I was born to quench

Nature where I came from
Nature where my days will end in..

But I cry for you. I cry tears of myself
I cry so much that my throat is dry
But I am water
and where does water go to quench its thirst?

So I cry some more in silence of your chemical walls.
For what will become of you?
You a plastic bottle
You "bottled" of bottled water
My bottled half

What will become of you?
You will end up in a mountain of urban waste
or make a waste of a scenic nature trail somewhere
A ghost of your packaged self once sold on supermarket shelves
Stuck in these complex waste footsteps of your forefathers
- never knowing the liberation of being gulped down to be born again

And that breaks my liquid heart, dear plastic bottle

So let's summon your creator
Let's ask him to recycle, regenerate you
Regenerate you so our world may not degenerate
So that you too might find a release

I am bottled up but have gathered up the courage
Courage to speak up my heart
And this speaking is the relief that I hope you will find
A relief in a new world where your life is not a bottled waste.

With unquenched love,

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