Friday, May 25, 2012

Tooth Fairies : I Insist!

Tooth Fairies must exist
I insist
(I hope)
For when the wisdom teeth are gone
and with them a piece of wisdom
I need four tooth fairies please
( actually need more for their
left out brethren too!)

In the midst of the (hollow) cry (err swelling) of pain
Wondering where the teeth, pieces of my body
are gone, after working (or not so) silently
for many years
I want tooth fairies to look after them
Wherever the extracted teeth go
Infact, teeth heaven must exist
I insist
(I hope)

And then, tooth fairies must exist for me
Me minus my wisdom teeth
Tooth fairies whispering in my ears
that this loss (like every other)
is a gain, if only I have the
wisdom to see it so
Wisdom must exist in loss
I insist
(I hope)

- Neha

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