Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What now?

"Rolled and Recycled" by Neha

What will you say now
if your before met your after?

What will you go running after
or from
to remember
what it was like before?

a memory
a shadow
some clouds
where was I? what would I have thought?
was it too different? or just the same?}}

What will you say now
if your before met your after?

Will you pause now?

And in this pause
will you say
Hey before! : meet my after
Hey after !: meet my before
Both of you: I've been wanting
to introduce you for so long!
( though I must admit in confidence:
a part of me said
these two better not be seen
together ever!)

We are a little bit different,
a little bit just the same
But if we hang out some
maybe. just maybe
we can be best friends
sailing through time
with white flag of peace
and blue stockings of dreams!

Will you have an aha moment
knocking off your socks?
And realize ( finally. maybe. justmaybe!)
that that just maybe
is worth all the while
before was running from after
after from before
all coming together
in now of forever

- Neha

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