Thursday, April 05, 2012

Tumharey Liye (For you)

"Dream Sequence" by Neha

Neeley aasman tumharey liye
Zameen aur saaton jahan tumharey liye
Kavita, kahani aur geet tumharey liye
Chotee see chidiya ke thandee parchayee kee chao tumharey liye
Titlee ke rang tumharey liye
Khamoshee kee dastak tumharey liye
Nakab benakab tumharey liye
Paheli ka jawab tumharey liye
Jeevan kee gehrayee tumharey liye
Jheel ke panee pe nachtee tarangey tumharey liye
Dubkee lagatey hans kee moj tumharey liye
Halkee see khulee khidkee se raat ko aatee
rajneegandha kee khushboo tumharey liye
Tumharey bhooley huye sapney tumharey liye
Merey mann kee uunchee udaney tumharey liye
Ek pal mein anant kal tumharey liye
Is wajood kee mittee - tumharey liye

- Neha


Blue skies for you
Earth and seven worlds for you
Poem, story and song for you
Cool shade of a tiny bird's shadow for you
Colors of a butterfly for you
Call of the silence for you
Veil unveiled for you
Answer of a puzzle for you
Life's depth for you
Dancing ripples on top of a lake for you
Joy of a swan dipping in water for you
Scent of Rajneegandha coming through
slightly opened night window for you
Your forgotten dreams for you
Flights of my mind for you
Eternal in one moment for you
Brown earth of this existence - for you

- Neha

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