Sunday, April 29, 2012

Letter to Pink Shoes

World Is Mine Schmetterling by  persocomholic

Pink shoes.
You are not just pink shoes with a pretty bow
You are a piece of her bright red heart
You are a dream of cotton candy softness
softly floating on cushion of her rainbow wishes

Your lace is not just tying these loops together
It is tying her hopes and dreams as
she delicately makes a double flower bow
It is an ordinary day at work to realize
vision of her extraordinary life

Pink shoes.
You are money saved at the grocery store
You are all the waiting for that last bus to save a penny
You are her pink cheeks pinker in the knowing
that she is as beautiful as she feels, even more

Pink shoes
You could have been blue, red, green
But that's not the point
Point is that you are not pointed,
having lost the edges ( as has she)
You are a delicate curve
A soft curve - not afraid of turns,
steps and missteps on this road she walks on

Pink shoes.
You are a dear piece of her heart
Her heart that flys in the skies like a helium balloon
As you walk along her ordinary dreams
With you her journey to stars starts

- Neha

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