Tuesday, April 10, 2012


"Closet of Dreams" by Neha

What if floor became a ceiling ?
What if ceiling was floored with feelings ?

What if I see you later ?
What if later you see me I to I ?

What if hidden was in front of eyes?
What if eyes were hidden in broad daylight?

What if future is whispering to present?
What if need to be present to see future?

What if if was a door waiting to be opened?
What if open door's key was to make if an is?

What if love said give me to get me?
What if me me was not a lover of love?

What if dictionary wanted a new vocabulary?
What if vocabulary said diction needs to be reimagined?

What if what remains remains to be seen?
What if seen is a realm of remains refrabricated?

What if this is a puzzle waiting for a solution?
What if this is a solution that you have made a puzzle?

- Neha

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