Sunday, March 11, 2012

A million colors

Wind-ow-s by Neha

A million colors..
Of a childhood spent in a pink rose garden
Of a girl running in her purple polka dot frock
Of a brother learning to fly a yellow kite
Of a dreamer dreaming under a makeshift black umbrella tent
Of a friend saying tippy tippy tap what color you want

A million colors..
Of a young girl dreaming rainbow dreams
Of a certain ms.princess going red in the cheeks
Of a born of fire rebel saying dirty mud brown corruption will not do
Of a secret ballerina dancing her sky blue room

A million colors..
Of many colored dreams
Of a woman with green bangles
Of a certain ms.wiser-than-before
in a two shade maroon golden silk saree

Of a sorrow that makes all colors
a bit hazy through those tears

A million colors..
Of open arms – white, black and brown
Of wild waters – white and blue
Of red sea, dead sea, atlantic and pacific
Of present ..the colorless yet colorful present
depending how you see it

A million colors..
Written in this black ink from the green pen with white trademark
There is no black or white she found, only the grey of life

A million colors..
Of love and acceptance
Of your light and your night

A million colors
Of rainbow dreams in my brown eyes.


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Anonymous said...

colorless green ideas sleep furiously =)