Monday, March 12, 2012

Loss and Find

Path by Neha

how do I define you?
how do I write about you?
how do I talk about you?
how do I say that I too suffered from loss?

a loss so deep that it came
like a million arrows piercing through my heart,
a loss so fast that it felt
like a ten thousand pound truck hitting me without a horn,
a loss so not called for it was
like the earth suddenly shifting under my feet

a loss is a loss is a loss

but I can talk about you now
because you taught me that nothing is lost in the end
that a loss can be a gain
if only we learn that that’s life:
high tide and low tide,
a bright day and a darker than dark night

so my heart beats so fast ..not to think what I lost
but what I found when I was lost in the heart of loss
this poem is about my find

- Neha

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