Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Heart of You

"Through and through" by Neha

Show me the heart of you
Not the name they gave you
Not the name of toy you played with as a child of two
Not the name of playschool where you were bullied by few
Not the name of high school where you were a bully too
Not the name of exam you aced because of all you knew
Not the name of first place you worked at twenty two
Not the name of designer of your shiny silk suit

Show me the heart of you
Not the size of your bank after tax is cut
Not the size of your house
Not the size of your car
Not the size of your facebook friends list
Not the size of your twitter followers
Not the size of your phone book's who and who

Show me the heart of you
Show me what moves the very heart of you
Show me what silly games you played as a child
Show me what made your favorite toy the favorite despite the patches
Show me the scars from when they bullied you
Show me the regret you have for doing to others
what you wouldn't have them do unto you
Show me what you'd bank this present on
Show me your vision for life when you are old, wrinkled, by yourself and looking back at all the years, people and places that have passed through you as you through them
Show me the stitches as you unbroke your heart
when that first love of your young dreams said I don't

Show me the heart of you
Show me where you go to be weightless
when you close your heavy eyes
Show me the dreams in forgotten corners of your heart
Show me the windows, doors and cobwebs too
Show me the way out through the way through
Show me the skins you have shed to start afresh
Show me the equal part lover of full moons, black
nights and the golden sun
Show me the giver who graciously takes, the taker who tenderly gives
Show me the wings with which you fly
Show me blue skies where your shadow lies

Show me the heart of you
Show me the one who knows that questioning
takes a very special kind of faith too
Show me the one not afraid to say that
sometimes I am afraid of not having a clue
Show me the one tamed by the wild
Show me the one who has no regard for a second hand life
Show me the one who has returned from the edge of night
Show me the long distance runner no longer
running from the rear view mirror
Show me the survivor who says it
is not always about survival of the fittest
Show me the kind who has walked on pointed
ice and only learnt to be kind
Show me the one who cries and laughs all at once
Show me the heart of your being's
hearth when fuel for fire is gone

Show me what can not be seen
Show me freedom from the known
Show me the hero and the unhero in you
Show me you the sublime and you the maya
Show me the heart of you
And I will show you mine.

- Neha

This poem was born ( in that uncanny order spread over no more than 30 days in all ) :: one part as a deep reflection on our true essence as a human being when all that is known ( in a traditional bio data sense) about a person one wants to know is stripped, one part a frustration expressed by my trainer Sonia at being asked at parties "what do you do?!" ( and my response, just tell them with a smile and a gasp "I breathe!", followed by "aah! I should write a poem about that!") and in no small part to contemplation on ( and in response to) two serendipitous readings of "The Invitation" by Oriah Mountain Dreamer ( that I had never read/ heard about before and which you can read here) - within ten days of each other from two incredible women totally unrelated to each other, except that they both have touched my life ( the first reading by a dear friend close to my heart at a gathering where another friend had also intended to share it without the other being aware of it !!; and the second reading by a beautiful poet who biked across America and shared the poetic wisdom from her journey along with this piece at an open-mic night)

I loved "The Invitation" ( and still do) for it spoke so closely to what I had been trying to say. It gave me goosebumps that someone wrote what had been on my mind, another brought it to life with the most heartfelt reading and yet another gave a gentle reminder in exact 10 days ( of what in comparison is a long lifetime of more than 10,000 days). I couldn't be more happier with the Invitation's wisdom on our inner light. But then, as I pondered more and more on it, I realized that our light goes with darkness...each completes the other. So what I'd want to know about the essence of a human being is not just the greatness that makes him/her a hero that Oriah (which also means "light of god" in Hebrew) speaks so beautifully about but also the weaknesses that makes him/her the unhero, and the two combined that make us homo sapiens ( Latin for "Wise Man" or "Knowing Man") ..and hence this poem..for the hero and unhero in each one of us. The journey continues.

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