Friday, December 30, 2011

Ode to My Ocean Wave

"Washed" by Neha

My ocean wave,
Washing over these sand castles we make
Hand in hand
Round and round
As people walk along
As sounds touch our souls
We pick a stranger's tune

My ocean wave,
On a hot summer day
I'd take a dip in you
and you would sooth the sun like a full moon
I'd see a million corals inside,
reflecting like a rainbow made of water bubbles,
a bit salty but welcome

My ocean wave,
I'd just float above you
and you would make heaviness feel like a feather
Making me feel like a puff of air -
floating there
looking at the night sky

My ocean wave,
These waters are calm
You carrying the mermaids
and treasures and the sunken ships-
All this cargo - all in your heart

My ocean wave,
my night and day
my sun and moon
my space travel and handful of earth

My ocean wave,
Your depth is not known
but like a scuba diver,
I jumped right in
And you held my hand
to show me this world below the brine -
the electric fish, the flying horses

My ocean wave,
Wash over me

My ocean wave,
You are my turquoise
You are my horizon, kissing
heaven and earth all at once
You are my dusk red
You are my silhouette
Like feet dipping in your cool water
on a hot summer day
Wash over me

My ocean wave,
breathe in and out
your high tide and low tide

My ocean wave,
Wash over me.


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