Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Beauty Remains

"Lifted" by Neha

Some days her heart would fill up
like the water in the crevice of an
old rock on a stormy day

She would hear the news,
see a stranger's face,
feel the uneven edges,
taste the loss not her own,
breathe the air waves.

War. Occupation. Corruption
Allegation. Retaliation.
Economic depression.
Human regression.

What is happening ? Why doesn't someone stop it?
Her heart fills up till it can fill no more
It is a mad mad world and one would have to
be mad to not go mad, she thinks.

She holds a tiny drop from her
eyes on the tip of her index finger
The colors of rainbow shine on the drop
which emerged from the bottom of her heart
And she knows that beauty remains.


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