Monday, October 24, 2011

Last words of a rubber ball thrown on the sea

I never thought I'd feel so free.
Surrounded by green ocean water.
Far away from any sign of round people who made me,
Or little round people who played with me.
For who thought that I, a rubber ball, would have feelings?
Even I, a rubber ball, never thought that I'd have feelings!
Yet, here I am - a rubber ball thrown on the sea, with feelings.


I feel drifted. Like someone took the solid ground from right under my feet.
I look up to the open blue sky, soft mist on my face and I think of my mother.
She was not a rubber ball like me. She was a stainless steel machine.
Yes, I was born in a factory with 20,000 other bouncy rubber balls - my brothers and sisters-
You see, we never played together - each one of us gone to the house of little round people.
Oh!I love little round people. Especially the little round one they called chubby cheeks.
I was his most favorite possession on earth. Even more favorite than the talking cat.
He drew a smily on my face.

And here I am, a rubber ball thrown on the sea.
What will I become - a coral reef? a fossil of human civilization?
A stranger in the land of brine at bottom of the ocean?
Surrounded by electric fish, sharks, whales
The little fellow, the predator, the creator
And in the middle of them all:
I, a rubber ball thrown on the sea. Still smiling.


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