Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Unsettled Revelry

"Hay" by Neha

Like a tiny speck of dust in
moving water -
an atom forever and ever in motion

Drifted by this gush, that breath.
Not settling at the bottom of a glass.

But dancing its delirious dance
Agitated again and again

Not a balanced equilibrium
No perfect bell shaped curve

But Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
An unbalanced equilibrium

Not a poorna viram (a full stop)
No hence proved

But unfathomable question
An ardha viram (comma)

A blessed unrest in
reverence of unsettled revelry


1) Read about Heisenberg's uncertainty principle here
2) In Devnagari script a poorna viram (literally meaning eternal rest) is full stop ( represented by a verticle line ) and ardha viram (literally meaning half rest) is a comma.

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