Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life and Airline booking

The Lipstick Flight by Pleasant Plaines Workshop

It is more than the distance
between departure and arrival

It is more than the speed which says
that you have finally arrived

Do you want a non-stop journey
or the most adventurous one?

Do you want the shortest time
or the lowest price?

Will economy class do or will
you keep dreaming of an upgrade?

Will you check and recheck all reviews
or make that reservation on pure instinct?

Will you need an agent in person or
will an online booking do?

Will you negotiate your way through a dozen
pricelines or will you pay whatever you can?

Will you knowingly choose to arrive after the sun
goes down or run to catch sunshine?

Will you take the cheapest fare if you'd
know the airline name only once you book?
(Somewhat like a blind date...)

Will you be fine if no one is waiting at
the airport with a sign that has your name?

Life is an airline booking
Surprise yourself !


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