Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hotel by a Railroad

Hotel by a Railroad by Edward Hopper (1952)

Listen to me, I ..
Wait with you. Wait for you.
Wait for the early morning train tomorrow .
To visit the home of your childhood.
It has been thirty years
since you went back.
I hear the sound of engine.
This hasn't changed in all these years.
Years since you made castles in sand.

I see you glance outside the hotel
window - looking at the porter.
Are you thinking how you have been
a porter too? In a way. Carrying the
burden. A new one every single day.

I see the pigeons making the sounds
pigeons make. I wonder.
Do pigeons think of porters too?
I wait with you.
Not to settle the past
but to accept it.

I wait for you. To feel my pink satin gown.
This new rose perfume I got for you.
The housemaid has changed the bedsheets
with fresh tea spots and old stains.
I wait for you to change the bedsheets too.
As we take the early morning train tomorrow.


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