Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Why Won't My Violet Bloom?

Little Girl in a Garden by
Berthe Morisot (French 1841-1895)

Daisy decided to have her
own little secret garden
To get her hands dirty
and wait for blossom

Wearing her favorite
red polka dot dress
She put rose perfume
Gave dog fluffy a warm caress

She thought: I am new to this
Let me first plant two pots -
Maybe one set of violets
and one forget me nots

She dived to nearby
FlowerGirl nursery
She was going to pick
seeds for her new babies!

FlowerGirl nursery
looked so pretty
Welcome door lined
with hundreds of lilies

She entered the shop and
asked shopkeeper Ms.Rose
Can I please have seeds
of violets & forget me nots?

Lovely Ms. Rose gave her
potting instructions
She said : Be patient and
take care of these creations

Seeds in her hands
she headed back home
Imagine looking at flowers
as her hair she would comb

First task was to chose
the right size pots
Ms. Rose said to grow
we all need suitable plot

For forget me not she
found a yellow ceramic jar
Violets will compliment
the scarlet terracota flask

Spreading the seeds in
potting mix called miracle
Water in green can
she generously sprinkled

Seeds all potted she
somehow patiently waited
Counting days till sprouts
in both pots were spotted

Day became night
and night became day
School holidays came
and went in May

And then it happened
She spotted sprouts!
Ten in pot of violets
Two in forget-me-nots

Daisy was so happy
Fluffy wagged his tail
She thought wow water, sun
air and miracle mix is clever!

She couldn't wait till
sprouts become flower
Violets brimmed with confidence
Forget-me-nots asked for prayer

She waited and waited
Homework, dance, music
handwriting lessons went on
She said Oh flowers come on!

And then it happened!
Could this be true?
Two full bloomed Forget-me-nots
smiling happily at her

Her eyes glanced to
scarlet terracota flask
Beautiful green leaves but
not a single violet flower!

Daisy was confused
She had hoped for
two sets of flowers
With so much love and
nutrition every single hour

Forget-me-nots kept smiling
But Daisy's heart was crying
Ten mighty sprouts of violets
Dream to tuck them on her bonnet

Finally Daisy decided to
go back to FlowerGirl shop
Maybe Ms. Rose will
give her some hope

She asked Ms.Rose at noon:
Why won't my Violet bloom?
Was there something I could do?
Can you please give me a cue?

What Ms.Rose said
changed Daisy's small world
She thought two flower
pots had made her grow

Ms. Rose asked Daisy to
love her forget me nots
She said : Dear Daisy
hear the gardening story

Basic ingredients are
Right pot size with
air, light,water, manure
plus a doze of affection

All of these are needed in
the right proportion
Each sprout has its own
character and growing equation

One needs lots of space
Another likes crowded place
One needs five glasses of water
Another is happy with a quarter

One says gimme tons of attention
Another wants daily silent meditation
One wants high potency fertilizer
Another's best friend earthworm Mr.Creeper

There is a chance you might
not have done everything right
Or maybe step by step you
did all right in your might

Some plants decide to grow
Some decide they simply won't
Some sprout in early hours
Some bloom with pretty flowers

Some only have green leaves
Some studded with pointed thorns
Some die after hundred years
Some live for a few seconds

The story of gardening
is that there is a beginning
then there is an end
This is how world goes on

So celebrate life dear Daisy
In all its forms and spans
Too short or little too long
Remember this garden song

Daisy now understands it
Miracle is in violet flowers
As in plain green leaves
Life is beautiful if you believe

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt # 6: Brainstorm a list of 3-5 stories from your life that you tell all the time or memories that are significant in some way (they could be funny, sad, happy, surprising, life changing, or simply an early memory, etc.). Choose one (you might revisit this list later in the month). Try to put yourself back in that situation, remember what it felt like, the details, what led you up to that point, or what happened after, how did it make you feel? Write a poem about it, starting with the story/memory as inspiration, but allow yourself to deviate from the facts; you aren't trying to recreate the story/memory, so much as you are discovering meaning behind the story/memory.

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