Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcome Couch

Dear new grey couch
Antithesis of slouch
Welcome to our home
Now it is your very own

I am so very happy
Nothing to worry
You have warranty
Fear no yellow tofu curry

I do want to timely confess
The ex I might just miss
He is joining salvation army
Willing to serve so many

He will always be treasured
But you are the new beloved
Such a beautiful curvature
Fine fabric mixed with leather

I like your quite a firm character
My spinal ligaments will have no other
Your angel swivel chair is here
I feel like parking myself there

You, me and a red wine glass
I feel I'm traveling business class
Your ergonomic section of leg stretch
Feel like reading guide for the perplexed

We will spend great many years
Let's get acquainted front to rear
Looking at the garden view
I will grow older with you


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