Monday, April 11, 2011

The Yellow Door

Walking by busy sunny morning lane
Humming a song called steam train
She passed once again
Store with the strange sign

Flaky side wall said you can run
Yellow door smiled with an invitation
Strange sign she had seen many times
Walking by busy sunny morning lane

On a spur she decided to enter
The sign was strange
The yellow door bit cryptic
Lock said not for sceptic

On any other day
she would have not stopped
And having stopped
She would get jitters and run

But today seemed a day to dare
She took a deep belly breath
With striped blue bow shoes
To take a plunge she choose

First the yellow door looked locked
But it just needed a gentle push
With her tiny hands she nudged
With a tiny screech door budged

Welcome note walked in front
Followed by alphabet band, blue ink
loose paper and a peacock feather
And bam started the welcome song

We are so glad you decided to enter
We know the sign begs description
We know side wall says you can run
For years yellow door smiling for attention

We are so glad you decided to enter
We have been waiting for many years
For someone to open the door
For someone to step on this floor

We are looking for a lifelong friend
Someone to gently tread the yellow door
To pick us up and fill the loose paper
You see: We are meant to be together

She was dazed like hit by spaceship
Is she dreaming or did she faint
by the busy sunny morning lane
Talking feather and paper with ink called plain!

She rubbed her brown eyes
and pinched her red cheeks
Loose paper came closer and
rustled : you came!

She hesitated to say: I just came
I don't know why
I opened the yellow door
by the busy sunny morning lane

Blue Ink said in her mellifluous
voice: I know why you came
You came because we
are meant to be together

When alphabets hang in air alone
Everybody here feels unknown
When peacock feather swims
in blue ink - paper says fill me up!

Can you please bring us together
Make us a poem sooner than later
Make us do yoga to jingle all day long
Even without rhyme we stay strong!

She was delighted at this plea
To discover magic to make paper
alphabets, feather and ink glee
To create new world from alphabet seed

She took peacock feather in hand
Dipped it in the blue ink drop
Arranged the paper oblong
And worked up the alphabets one by one!

Thanking yellow door on way out
She hummed song called steam train
By the busy sunny morning lane
Saying I will be back again!


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #10:What if you could re-do just one hour or day of your life? Which one would it be and what would you do differently? How might re-doing that hour/day change the rest of your life?

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