Friday, April 15, 2011

Brain Wave of a Scriptwriter

Ah again! the critical
part of storyline
Hero has gone to
distant land
Time going like
sand in hand

What should I do
with chapter two?
Should I turn him
from hero to rogue?
Or would a war veteran
be more in vogue?

Should I make him
join the local tribe?
Or make him a
robinhood type?
Or maybe the
runner with a kite?

Should I make him
ever return?
Or will a lost hero
be worshipped more?
Let's just make him
the boy next door!


NaPoWriMO Daily Prompt #14:Pick a profession that you have never been part of or been trained to be part of and write a poem about what you think it would be like to be part of that profession (i.e. soldier in the army, cobbler, doctor, lawyer, teacher, butcher, filmmaker, etc.)

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