Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To Whomsoever It May Concern

Ladders Cross the Blue Sky by Joan Miró (1953)

Dear Whomsoever It May Concern ,

Whatever be your present station
With whatever you might align
Wherever you might chose to dine
Whatever be your idea of divine
Whatever be your life's design

I want you to know
I want you to know

Some poems don't rhyme
Some flowers don't reach prime
Some love stories end in a battle
Some mysteries keep us baffled
Some people never learn to say no
Some surprises turn out just so so
Some nights don't see a morning
Some compounds crave for bonding
Some journeys get accidentally diverted
Some soldiers get posthumous awards
Some palaces are made of cardboard
Some painters wait to be discovered
Some legends just martyred
Some times time is not enough
Some choose to not call a bluf a bluf
Some crockery is never used
Some memories in retrospect amuse
Some trains are missed by a second
Some myths are never questioned
Some fragrances are quick to diffuse
Some bags never put to good use
Some raincoats are not water proof
Some war heroes cry at spoofs
Some boats come with a hole
Some new shoes have a thin sole
Some perfect plans fail
Some rabbits left behind a snail
Some summers see some snow
Some call some don't show

I want you to know
I want you to know

It's alright.

- Neha


Unknown said...

Do you know who owns the copyright for the image? I would like to use it in a programme for a concert, as this piece of art inspired my composition. Many thanks.

Neha Misra said...

Not quite sure. Joan Miro passed away in 1983. Wikicommons has few other pictures that are from the family archive. Might be perhaps possible to use it with credits to artists in the material.

Neha Misra said...

I'd love to hear the composition as and when it may be available for a Miro and music fan :)