Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tao of Red Alert Traveller

He calls open road
and stray strangers home
it has been a long walk
since he could have turned back

Apart from the restless clouds
the day he left was like another
He said bye to his mother
A calling in him stirred

They told him he'd be a fool
to take that ferry
Inside a rubble who
has ever found any glory?

He said I don't care
I will go in the darkest hour
See life at the edge of a cliff
And say - I was there. I saw it all

They said better be careful
This world is full of dragons
Not wise to ride a broken wagon
Look for a trouble free destination

His thoughts were firm
His heart was set
With a map in his hand
He set out for red alert land

It's been many years since he took off
He wouldn't exchange this life
for a safe haven stable destination
He calls it his passion pilgrimage

He has seen wars, hunger, lust and ruin
There has been use of force and treaty
Despite it all story of travel has been
Somethings discovered some deleted

There was that time in dessert
Robes, daggers and a dusty romance
Dark eyes looking from a distance
Heart said wait, mind said move on

He has seen reversal of political ambitions
Earthquakes, revolutions, radioactivity danger
He took cover in middle of market
and observed as stained glass scattered

Despite it all or perhaps because
of it all - he likes to say
You find lotus in middle of swamp
Camaraderie in makeshift camp

There was the old man with
family of ten in one room
refugee camp who said please
come in join us for the meal

In the worst of times, life goes on
Vegetable markets, train rides,
cake sales, rituals, rhymes
bangles, bike race and bread

He sits colored by a
life of red alert travel
As on edge, as on center
He says: I was there, I saw it all


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt # 4:Look at the news today, pick an article, read it and write a poem based on or inspired by the topic of the article.

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Michele Spector said...

This is an interesting poem to read. It has also a great flow to it. Everyone must follow their own path. Some stay, some must taste everything.