Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Someone you might have met

El Escultor by Pablo Picasso

Have you met someone
who says a glorious hi
and never turns back
for the reply?
To wait and watch
If you are dead
or alive?

I once read a
newspaper article
About a tragedy in a

He had been doing
overtime when his
Heart said I quit
It took two days
for them to find he
was not breathing not
staring straight at his
computer screen

Have you ever met someone
who smiles into your eyes?
You get all excited and say
Oh hi but turns out
he was on his bluetooth
talking to his would be wife?

You feel embarrassed that
you thought the hi was for you
But even that is wasted as
he looks past you as if you were
a transparent glass door screw

Have you been on an elevator
with an investment banker?
You scramble for your two minutes
elevator pitch but he is having
an out of body experience
dreaming of a baseball pitch ?

His father was quite a man
He taught him to bat and ball
His mind always on the goal
He said son roll with the
ball and with you the
ball will roll too

Have you met someone who
had the most lovely green eyes ?
You tell her in their depth you
could any time scuba dive?
She turns back and says oh
I got this shade of lenses
made for discounted price!

She used to wear fiber glasses
but one day he joked that it
made her look like a toad
She decided it was time to
jump out of this well and
tell prince charming look
I actually look swell

Have you ever met someone
who says she craves like
anything for the place
she left behind?
How that place has
all the heart and soul
unlike this soulless jungle
which is rather dull?

You ask her then why doesn't she
pack her bags and just go back ?
She says oh I'm just here for the
dough and then there's that
That I like the idea of left behind
more than playing catch up

Have you met someone who
says hey we should definitely
get together sometime?
But not a single time he
mentions a place or time?

He has a full hearted smile
and slightly drunk eyes.
He doesn't mean to not
be kind. Just suffers from
an attention span of a
buzzing house fly

Have you seen an actor who
says he never watches his
own movies?
How to face after effects
of editing?

He likes to move on with no
thirst for critical acclaim
Not in the public atleast
He says my job is same with
Rotton tomatoes green or red

- Neha

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