Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Plumbing and Art

Dancers at the Bar by Edgar Degas (1877)

I heard two beautiful old
ladies talk while waiting
for the late morning train.
Both of them had a bob cut
They were laughing
One said what matters is
that plumbing works.
The one in red shirt
gasped and said super!

The train arrived
I was sitting behind two
middle aged eclectic ladies
Both of them had
fine long hair
They were talking
of flowers,materials,
art and scrapbooking
One with tiger cap kept
saying how good for you!

I wondered : What's with
girlfriends and similar
hair styles?
This was followed by passing
guilt pang as I smiled

I am not into eavesdropping
as a serious profession
Don't get me wrong
Just this newfound
Interest to look around!


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