Saturday, April 09, 2011

Naming Many of Me

The Girls (The Virgin) by Gustav Klimt ( 1912-1913)

What if our name was
not a given but taken?
A personal travelogue
as the journey unravelled?

The one who came on a round number day
The one who smiled to say I'm here to stay
The one who wouldn't open her fist
She brought joy as the very first kiss
New flower in the baby nursery
Delicate dot after a brother
In the name of love
In the name of rain
The only noun in family
of resounding divine
Tourmaline the birthstone
Her first word she doesn't remember
She roamed the huge house singing what to do
Tent with bedsheet over a black umbrella
She who slept with puppy named ruby
She who did neurosurgery on blue
eyed rotating doll with baby
She who made castles in sand
Girl waiting for colored pen
Girl dreaming dreams
Girl paper basket mop
Girl magnet to blue
She who memorized by speaking aloud
She who stopped running to become a geek
She who said destiny is a word for weak
She who announced an award to
be taught how to whistle
The popcorn eater who called
a radio program to dedicate a song
The one who would not experiment
with her hairstyle
The one who forgives again and again
The one who swings between saving
the world and herself
The first law of thermodynamics
(Energy nor created nor destroyed)
The third law of motion
(To every action there is an equal
and opposite reaction)
The special theory of relativity
( e =mc2)
The inverted law of supply and demand
The less is more brand
Sophia (for the endless tell me whys)
Ida (Princess of fire)
Minerva (for a thousand works)
Eantropy (anthropic entropy )
Alice in wonderland
Dorothy swept by a cyclone
The bearable lightness of being
The Oh, the places she will go
The neverending story
The number 1 ladies reading agency
The woman's search for meaning
The letters to a missing poet
The cat on a sunny tin roof
The one divided by zero lives
The stroke of insight
The wise and otherwise
Independence made of dependence
Indra's net tied together
Resurgence of right lane
She will talk if you will listen
She will listen if you will talk
Woman who bought plastic
orchid that could survive winter
Woman river ripple, sea sand, ocean offspring
Woman line, reborn as circle
Woman magic mist merging
with star dust

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #9: Imitate “Naming my Daughter” by Patricia Fargnoli, but write it as if naming yourself.


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