Friday, April 08, 2011


Breaking news on intergalactic
planetary notice board :
Moon missing in action
Recover for magnetic reward

It is half past midnight
Moon hasn't been in sight
Poets are waiting for inspiration
Tides confused about gravitation

Campers lost in orbital expedition
Lovers look for romantic association
Earth is missing her companion
Pole star has lost all orientation

Galaxy Police Chief Isotope
decided to investigate
To round up the usual
suspects before its too late

Isotope knocked on door
of Moon God Shining Lore
Anxious looking Lore said
I came back from a Mars vacation
Find I may need a new vocation!

What if there was a head
on collision with an asteroid?
What if moon has been put
under a charm by an android?

Isotope called up black hole
Did moon cross your toll ?
Black hole said I don't know
Check with his secretary radiation

Isotope went to moonlight's
secretary Ms.Halo Flight
Halo asked what is
all this mega commotion ?

Isotope said don't you
read intergalactic notice board?
Moon missing in action
Recover for magnetic reward

Sky lit up with full moon just then
Poets flooded with inspiration
Lovers filled with eternal affection
Isotope looked for a new investigation

Isotope said Mister Moon
who kidnapped you?
How did you run?
How did you come?

Moon said: That's some
orbital hypothesis !
I was not kidnapped!
Nor was I under a spell!

Just tired of revolutions
Needed time for contemplation
I had gone for a long night walk
Just forgot to take my clock!


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #7: What if the moon were suddenly destroyed by an asteroid (or maybe it just vanishes)? How would our lives change? How would the world change? You can take this as literally or figuratively as you'd like.


Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

how fabulous word tour.

stunning imagery.

Jesse.s.mitchell said...

word. I love this. cool stuff. I dig the blog too, and the reading list...and the cartoons...just awesome.

Neha said...

Thank you!

Jingle said...

honest, masterful, and beautiful words..

well done,

glh said...

Neha, this is wonderful! Very cleverly structured narrative poem. You use enjambment so well to entertain the rhyme scheme and the images created are very well drawn. Thank you so much for sharing -I am so impressed! :)

wiserskydiver said...

amazingly done... just plain simple LOVED it.... cheers!!!

lynnaima said...

nice interplay of words, good story line, enjoy the rally!

Neha said...

Thank you glad the moonwalk talks to those with and without a clock! :)

thejuliebook said...

What a fun piece! It tells such a great story with an unexpected cast of characters. Thanks for sharing this one for the rally!

Danielle Mari said...

On top of being purely poetic, it's got a great sense of fun and humor!

Vinay said...

humorous and fun, and well written! :) thank u for sharing!

its been a while since I saw this template. with the new designer in Blogger, these seem to have gone out of fashion nowadays! :)

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