Sunday, April 24, 2011

Losing Heart

Succession by Wassily Kandinsky (1935)

Excuse me passerby can
you help my program restart?
I seem to have lost my heart
My software feels rather lost

I think it had too much going on
Add to it pumping since I was born
I wish I could feel him right here
My software feels rather lost

Life without him is not the same
I want to be able to feel once again
I saw a tragic movie and not a single
drop from my bucket of tears was shed

I saw a standup comedy show while sitting
Room was laughing and rolling on the floor
I could not feel a single thing in
my very fickle tickle bone

I feel rather lost

Not lost like a heart stolen
in application stage of first love
Not lost like when you kiss defeat
in a nail biting deciding match

More like when you go numb
When you can't feel joy or pain
When you feel like a stone
When you don't feel the same

Like a toast without jam
Like a windshield without a wiper
Like a torch without battery
Like a goodbye scribbled in hurry

I want to laugh like a thousand bells
I want to loose steam like a tea kettle
I want to cry me a very deep river
I want to make a new start

As soon as I locate
my lost heart

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #21: What if you suddenly lost one of your senses? What would you do? Which would you most fear to lose?

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