Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitchen Triangle - A Love Story

Pot asked pan to be his mate
Said look I am all round great!

Pan said funny that you ask
I am committed to nonstick flask

Pot said since I saw you on that flame
To be on fire with you has been my dream

Pan said you are very very late
Red Flask and I went for tenth date

Pot said if I had not waited so long
You and I would be going strong

Pan said don't carry all that weight
There must be someone in your fate

Service spoon was listening in
She said I would like to add a thing

I met Pot at dinner hosted by potato dish
To be your love is my only wish

I was waiting for that day
when this I could say

Pot said I remember meeting here
Your stainless steel shiny and clear

Service spoon started to blush
Said I massage with special brush

Pot was already over the crush on pan
Said service spoon I'm your man!


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #12: Brainstorm 4-6 one syllable words that you use frequently when you write. Make a list of all the words you can think of that rhyme with each one. Now write a poem with rhyming couplets following the pattern: AA, BB, CC, DD, …etc.


wiserskydiver said...

i really enjoy the way u put life in funny episodes happening between non-living things... really funny yet with a deep sense of life....


wcrisler said...

Wonderful poem -- as are the others. Time for an illustrated children's book to go with this one.

Neha said...