Monday, April 25, 2011

For Elise

At way past the midnight hour
In a world beyond stars
I met Beethoven under the
windmill of an old brick tower
He wore a scarf with red flower

Curly grey locks covered
a quarter of his face
Two sideway things
looked somewhat like wings
His eyes rolled between stars,
pencil and a crumpled tissue paper .

Was this the result of some
freudian scheme or perhaps
a hallucination caused by
a late night tea or
maybe it was for elise
playing on radio as I
went to belated sleep ?

I tried to listen in
for another worldly tune
Beyond a reasonable
doubt for Elise was
playing in background.
Beethoven with wings smiled .

I with brown eyes smiled back.
I said : I'd like to ask a thing
I have been wanting
for so long to know
Nobody knows.
Some light perhaps
you can please throw?

I have spent long nights
listening to song for Elise
Some nights the clock
had stopped some
nights starry blue skies
gazed into my brown eyes

And I wondered.
I wondered on those
nights when the clock
had stopped and on
nights that starry blue
skies gazed at my
brown eyes.

Who was Elise?
What were you thinking
when you wrote her song?
Did you play it to her
as she stood by the
balcony door?
Did she ever know
your heart was beating?

Beethoven smiled.
He said it happened
like this: It was the most
beautiful evening
I was sitting on the
funny cocktail waitresses
legs shaped stool at a bar

Server announced "One
Apfelwein for Elise!"
She came forward
to pick her glass
For her it was two steps
for her drink
For me it was a case
of indelible ink

I was lost in her eyes
Cupid's arrow hit at
center of my heart
I was a victim of love
at first sight.
I was lost in her eyes
In that first glance I
wrote song for elise
forgetting all else

She stood by
the balcony door
I was tackling
my nerves when
I decided to have
a drink and go to her

I said cheers - one for
my baby and one for
the road
My nerves said we are
not so sure
I said - one more for
my baby and one for
the road.

My nerves said we are
almost getting there
I said - one for my
baby and one for
the road
Elise was heading
for the door

My nerves finally said
we are ready!
Elise had headed
out already

And I was left
standing there.
Looking at the
bare balcony door

Empty bottle by my side
I said: None for my baby
none for the road
Must it be! Must it be!
This song is for elise
headed for the road
with an unknown zipcode


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #24: Choose a historical figure (someone famous or that you admire or who is notorious) and write a poem about what it would be like to meet them. Maybe you ask them for advice in a dream, or you imagine how they might react to certain circumstances today.


1) Listen to Für Elise here:

2) Apfelwein is a German variant of cider

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