Sunday, April 24, 2011

Feelings of Kitchen Ceiling

Still Life with Green Sideboard by Henri Matisse (1928)

I am your kitchen ceiling
I too have very deep feelings

I am not just part of a structure
I am objective with my own character

I am head of four exciting walls
I see the shiny wooden floor overall

I have been part of invisible lot
I look into eyes of boiling pot

I see lot of things cook down there
I don't speak of just cookie dough

I hope you would look up here
I hope it happens this very year

I have been put on a pedestal for long
I too dream one day to walk on ground

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #22: Choose an object (something interesting, like a stress ball, an article of clothing, a knick knack, etc.) and write a poem about it.


Jingle Poetry said...

love the flow..
well penned.


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Jay said...

Hmmm...fascinating.Must say I have never wondered how my kitchen ceiling feels before.Lovely!