Sunday, April 03, 2011

Downside Up

What if up became down
and down became up?

What if you read this
poem from end to start?

What if Shakespeare proved
theory of relativity for thou?

What if Einstein said all
world's been a stage then n now?

What if Cleopatra discovered
radioactivity while taking a rose bath?

What if Madam Curie thought
she was reincarnation of isis?

What if Micky mouse ate
the apple that fell from tree?

What if Newton went on
a long drive with Mini?

What if Sigmund Freud
had a liberating dream ?

What if Martin Luther King
worked on brain cells ?

What if possibility
became reality?

What if up became down
and down became up?


National Poetry Writing Month ( NaPoWriMo) 30 Poems in 30 Day Challenge.Prompt # 1: Pick any poem that you’ve written and choose your favorite line from it; use that as a starting point for a new poem, see where it goes.

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