Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dilemma of a Suntanned Sofa

I have been in this house
four point five loving years
Feeling the tushy of
skinny and cushiony gear

It was love at first site at
comfy furniture store
She felt my plush clothes
and said I'm her teddy bear

I still remember the day
they brought me home
He bought me with cash
though store was giving loan

My first connection was instant
love with side table lamp
We dreamt of romancing in
boat painting above back wall

She called me her
cotton candy sofa
I soon forgot my
big lots momma

Him she calls an
incorrigible couch potato
Though man likes to watch sports
with big pack of lays tomato

Three of us had game nights
Some silly fights
Candle light dinners
My velvet always a winner

West side sunny window
made my back suntanned
If only SPV 110 sofa sunscreen
was invented by a well meaning man

I also got carried away
Soaking in Vitamin D
from sun day after day
Dreaming of September rain in May

Now my back is faded
Front feels somewhat jaded
Thinking whether I should retire
Or just get a slipover attire

Dilemma is killing me
If I go to a shrink
Will he make a sofa lie
down on couch and think ?

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt # 5: Pick an object in your room, write a poem from the perspective of that object (i.e. persona poem).

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