Monday, April 04, 2011

Cafe terrace at night

Cafe Terrace at Night by Van Gogh

Lady in red comes to again remember
That sweet November when she
turned sixteen - pink roses and red
fire in blue eyed boy whose name
she worked all her life to forget.
Evening breeze and rum bring
memory of her favorite poem
It goes: loving is short, forgetting so long

On the next table sits young Sally
waiting for her new love Harry
They met yesterday in grocery aisle
number five buying handsoap dial
Dreamy eyes set on starry blue sky
Sally has a feeling that Harry is the
one who she has belonged to since
many lifetimes.

Running comes waitress with lovely
Rapunzel hair and French braid
If only this shift would end she would
rush back home to be with her two
year old - his father is on frontline
fighting a never-ending war
She takes out pen tucked in her hair
and smiles - What can I get you for a start?

Singing sensation Sierra hums
a jazz song about a night in Paris
and next evening in Casablanca
the lyrics start with free revelry
and end up with Madam Bovary
looking out of her river side window
Sierra hits a high note to say
Just in time, you came just in time.

Just then enters the face of every
high fashion magazine in town
She is here to celebrate being
on the top of the world
Cheers to a life of light, camera
action mixed with red wine
Her only burning desire is
that publicist be on time

Angela is sitting next to fireplace
with her husband of fifty years
He tenderly takes her hand
and says as I turn sixty four
My hair are gone and I may
need a new set of teeth
What remains unchanged
is my love for you

Sierra is now singing
Baubles, Bangles and Beads
Deep blue night sky sings along
Stars listen in with bell gong
High heels, flat soles & dancing shoes
Stone paved road in front
of cafe terrace is awake as
the world sleeps on.


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt # 3:Choose a favorite picture or painting and write a poem based on or inspired by it.

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