Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alien Assembly

Just as my glorious dream
was reaching an end
A talking fish with wings
opened my left eye lid

I jumped! This was not
my planned storyline
She looked like a knot
Her six eyes with sigma sign

The fish started laughing
She said : dont act silly!
this is an official alien kidnapping
you can call me my lady xily

I jumped even higher!never
heard of an alien kidnapping
That too in middle of
very deep snoring

Please cool down
my curiousity ?
What's the purpose
my lady xily?

Before the answer
came a sound bam!
I was transported to
My lady xily's homeland

When I opened my
eyes I was in a round cube
Assembly of baby aliens
waiting for a single view

My eyes fell on
the nearby flyer
It said endangered
specimen show per desire

Come look at her
only two eyes
Check out the
strange human type

My lady xily became
the teacher and narrator
I felt more like
a rare court jester

Lights, camera, action
the class thus began
Title turned out
"comedy of man"

Baby aliens formed
a hexagon tent
Their mercury ears
rising with excitement

My lady xily said
look at this creature
Her species is a
lesson for your future

They want to prove
who is better
Your bread or
my butter

They argue when
none is required
You throw a rock
I will throw a scissor

They run after
little green paper
Whose pile
can fill well deeper

They dig the earth
for all their needs
Replenishing what
is taken not a deal

They compete with
neighbors mrs & mr jones
my flag one inch
higher than yours

They make beautiful
works of art
Destroy castles like
a pack of termite

Baby aliens had
bubbles tear in eyes
This comedy was
not turning light

My cheeks turned
red and green
My lady xily
continued on

This is a preliminary
List of what not to do
If our alien world is to
last after twelve past two

Now listen to what
they do right
What might be
worth your while

They make apple
pie tasty like atombite
Chocolate fudge can
make u forget all diet

They name salsa both
dance and food
Telly tubby toons
are a big boon

They invented
safety pin one time
Navy blue jeans
has a good design

They created
tomato basil pasta
One constructed
leaning tower of Pisa

They wrote the
Arabian nights
Twinkle twinkle
little star is so bright

Baby aliens had
their mouth open
Filled with awe and
infinite admiration

My lady xily
flapped her wings
Alien abduction
ended with a P.S:

Watch out for
human specimen
Part inspiration
Part damnation


NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #13: What if you were abducted by aliens?

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