Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Agenda

The Dream by Pablo Picasso

I have a dream.
To make an agenda
for a dream life
just for you.

Let's chart out an
agenda for your life
As a cheat sheet
Let's take my life

You know-like a school
book reference guide?
A short cut to avoid an
avoidable rocky high tide?

A substitute for a
boring history class
Still know how not to
repeat mistakes of the past

What is my dream for you?
What is the red danger sign?
What did I do right?
What did I do wrong?

You see. You must
learn from me.
Together we can
be a superstar

I have your good
better, best at my heart.
Let's get together
and make this chart.

You say what you
think you want.
I will tell you if its
right or wrong.

A talent such as yours
Is not to be wasted.
All these years better
be wisely invested.

I have a dream
to make you seen.
To not be invisible
as I have been.

You see I love you.
As you do too.
You have potential
Need some credential

I hope you would
not object
All this effort to
make you perfect

Your doubts
will disappear
Snow filled road
will be cleared

You will make the
best judgement
Standing on a
fine establishment

Let's to do this.

You will shine.
Still in your prime
Live to be 104
with no regret!

{ At this point
there is a thump
followed by a close
hint of grump!}

Wait! Wait! Wait!
This is going too fast
My life.
Your agenda

I also have an
equation of vision
A calculation of
life's permutation

How about being
my old fashioned
encyclopedia instead
of this internet expedia?

I will make mistakes
and fall on my face
I will be heart broken
with bruises to showcase

I may not take the
road studded with rose
I may get cheated
right under my nose

I may get lost in
a thick jungle
I may get into a
philosophical bungle

I may not go with
rest of the herd
I may make my
voice heard

I may discover a
fountain pen head
I may rewrite Ayn
Rand's atlas shrugged.

I might bump
into a donkey
I might meet
the unicorn

I have a dream.

I have a dream too.
The one which says
Welcome to perfection
Null and void destination

- Neha

NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt #18:Pick an article form the paper (you need a hard copy for this); as you read through it, circle words to create a poem from the order of circled words.

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